T-Mobile customer exacts revenge


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Rob, you missed an opportunity to give credit to Florida Woman where credit is due.


That’s some revenge. Insurance pays damages. Contractors fix damage. Employees have a plastic front wall for a few weeks. Florida woman is arrested, SUV impounded, license possibly suspended, pays steep fines, maybe a few days in county jail and some community service. I see Florida woman is as keen a strategist as Florida man.


Shit, T-Mobile suffered the loss of some display units and maybe an over priced accessories rack.

Who ever OWNS the building that T-Mobile is leasing suffered the bulk of the damages.


She’ll probably claim the building sideswiped her and try to make an insurance claim, driving up all of our premiums.
Thanks Florida Woman.


Soul sister of Mona “The Hammer” Shaw!


I wonder if anyone has thought to call her and ask what she was mad about…"can you hear me now?’


Little known Florida law that runs parallel to the right to shoot back, and thats the right to put your SUV through the window of a retailer you are sore at. Its on the books, I swear.


Not only that, it probably was a franchisee who owns and runs the store rather than T-Mobile itself.



Come on people, she was probably just trying to get a damn cellular signal and forgot which pedal is go and which is stop, or something.



I have to figure out how to monetize my Fake News.


That. Looked. Intentional.


I’m not saying I’d do it or it’s okay but after my last experience with Verizon (which was my last EVER experience with Verizon) I certainly understand her frustration.


She probably hit her data limit and had her bandwidth reduced to a nearly unusable speed.

I’m on Team Florida Woman.


Retail really is the worst job.


Forget those puny anger smash rooms… I want car rampage town!


Anyone else find it disturbing that more and more often the police refuse to indicate if someone was arrested? Moving awfully close to the whole Eastern Europe “she was disappeared” thing where someone is just suddenly not there any more and no one will admit anything.

I see this more and more often “The police declined to disclose if so and so was arrested” or “Police declined to name the arrested person”…


If patting on the shoulder justifies breaking hands, munchies for chicken nuggets whipping out your colt this surly could’ve lead someone to use his concealed carry mini nuke…