T-shirt: Bugs and Gossamer as Han and Chewy


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Sadly my first question was “Why would they want to taunt Disney and WB lawyers like this?”

My second question was “The monster’s name was Gossamer?”


My thoughts exactly… “C&D in 3… 2… 1…” “That’s no moon… that’s a law firm!”

And yes… the monster’s name is Gossamer. I think the mad scientist from the B.B. cartoon where he debuted called him that several times. The one with Bugs doing his hair. “If an innnnnntersting monster can’t have an innnnnterting hairdo, I don’t know hwat things are coming to!”

I always thought he and Sweetums from the Muppets were somehow related.


Being a Wookiee must be very interesting.


I love it!


wookiees must meet such INNNTERESTING people…

(he looks wrong not being orange. i kind of wish he was orange, even though chewie isn’t)


Bugs should have a carrot in his holster - not a blaster!


Why is it “Buggs” on the headline? And I thought the commonly-accepted spelling of Chewbacca’s diminutive is “Chewie”?

Yeah, I’m a spelling-nitpicker. It was driven into my consciousness throughout my entire school life, which included journalism and mass-media classes. So either every teacher I had was on the wrong track, or people are just getting careless these days.


Or a carrot-shaped blaster.


He knew he should have taken that left turn at Alderaan.


Doc, we’re home!


My /only/ question was “The monster’s name is Gossamer?”


“Han and Solo”… both of them?


Now I really want to see a Boba Fudd shirt.

“Wabbit season.”

“Wookie season”


Bugs wouldn’t be the only rabbit in the Star Wars universe.


Bugs shot first.


Actually according to the Wikipedia article on Gossamer:

The monster next appears in Duck Dodgers and the Return of the 24½th Century in 1980. This is the first cartoon where the character is called “Gossamer”, and is so named by Marvin the Martian. Jones gave the monster this name “because he’s the opposite looking of gossamer. He’s a big, hairy thing.”

In a previous short he was referred to as “Rudolph”.


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