Taiwanese Animators take on breastfeeding mom story

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Nuff Said!

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I, for one, am in favor of breasts and their owners.

EDIT: Whatever the gender. I’ll see myself out.


Hey, this could be a whole new job for stay at home moms!
But it would need a catchy job title to really attract the best candidates…
UberTits? Nah, too trendy
Oh, wait, I have it!
Wet Nurse!!
It’s brilliant, disruptive, and oh so edgy.


I too think it’s bizarre at best that we’re okay with cow milk but all hung up about human milk.


Ewwww mammals using their glands and ducts and things as intended grosssssss


Dude. Don’t google anything.


I’ve never been one to appreciate Asian comedy a great deal (aside from Jackie Chan’s best slapstick), but these Taiwanese peeps take the cake :smile:

Piss-funny and incisive, they’re right in The Daily Show’s wheelhouse.

In one of the recommended videos, they cover the confederate flag issues. They put Mitch McConell in a turtle shell. I love these animators. I love them so much.


Brilliant. I’d not heard of them until now. Their Trump one made me giggle.

it looks like he is happy and reaching out to touch something.

I was actually considering losing weight.

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Don’t be fooled. Biologists have classified that posture as a threat display. It could strike at any moment. Notice the bared teeth and flexed claws.

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well I’ve always regarded science as some kind of dodge or hustle so I don’t really care, I’m sure it’s benign.

Oh dude, if you dig slapstick, you should see if you can track down Bakatono-sama with Ken Shimura.

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It’s 2015 and I have to respond with a YTMND:

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I like how we all drive either red Cherokees or yellow Hummers. (Since we obviously can’t fit into Smarts.)

I checked, and www.wetnurse.com is already taken :wink:

Thanks for the recommendation, but if this is indicative, I’ll pass. I was referring to how Jackie Chan can get so much comedy into his action.


The finale made me chuckle, though : )

Au-Pairs it is then.
(That one really made me chuckle).