Taiwan's 60,000 betel-nut kiosks and the young women who work in them

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It’s very mild, but it leaves you with a satisfied feeling, so you can get away with eating less. That’s basically how it’s used…


Betelnut! Betelnut! Betelnut!

…nothing happened.


Hope you remembered the Pepsodent when you were done! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Pacific_(musical)

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True story (brutal description ahead): In one of the worst massacres in Burma’s history, the dictatorship gunned down and drowned anti-government demonstrators on and around the White Bridge over Inya Lake. There is a saying among those who want to dump the regime attributed to Aung San Suu Kyi: “Our heads are bloodied, but unbowed.” As a silent protest, the survivors would return to the White Bridge and turn it blood red with betelnut juice, until the practice was explicitly banned. The people took to calling it the Red Bridge. The bridge has been removed.


I not exactly like it, but thanks for this interesting historic piece.


They sit in brightly-decorated glass booths wearing skimpy outfits, and sell cigarettes, drinks and betelnut to passing drivers. It’s a controversial trade but not actually illegal. The question of whether the girls are exploited is open to debate – certainly their own perception is mostly that they are doing a job like any other, and the less they choose to wear, the more they sell.

Sounds very similar to the “bikini barista” practice that is a popular way to sell legal stimulants here in the Seattle area.


Calcium Hydroxide not Calcium Carbonate.


Also folks, check pubmed for the fun articles on the association between chronic betel use and oral cancers. (though my suspicion is that putting any strong-ish base in your mouth for extended periods would likely have a similar pro-neoplastic effect).

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Her name is Hsiao Chin, and her stall was in Taoyuan.
You can check out my TEDx talk on the subject here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REGny16o8X0

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