Take a deep dive into how culturally and musically strange "The Girl From Ipanema" is

Thanks so much for that! Will have to do a deep dive on Lionel Hampton.

My fave, a tune you probably know, is this recording of Soul Sauce by Carl Tjader. I remember DJ-ing it in an upmarket Italian Italian cafe/restaurant, a cavernous reverberant warehouse in Melbourne. A very ‘La Dolce Vita’ and Antonioni vibe!


You make it sound like something can’t be pointed out a problem because everybody does it, when in fact that just makes it a bigger problem.

Quakers brought us Sociocracy, which is pretty fucking awesome.

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I agree the reference was probably about being sexless, and that the commenter most likely meant to say “Shakers” who actually were celibate. I still don’t agree with the reference, but I can at least see what it’s point was.

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Don’t you mean Shakers?

They are an offshoot of Quakers, but one way they differed is that Shakers were celibate, which put a damper on expansion.

There’s more to Astrud Gilberto than Ipanema.

I’ve yet to listen to it, but I have a two CD collection of her’s.

I think @Sqyntz may have simply meant something more like “puritan” which is used to describe a moralist or prude.

And I understand where Sqyntz is coming from in this context. While part of the English lyrics deal with people (men we assume) watching a pretty girl walk by (and the English and Portuguese lyrics are not identical), the other part of the song is sad, and is about one man who falls in love with her and yet never talks to her and she never notices him. A pretty standard “unrequited love” theme, and the exact opposite of cliched sexist catcalling.

While I agree that women shouldn’t be viewed as objects, who among us, male or female, hasn’t met and fallen in love with a significant other where the initial attraction was purely physical: we thought the other person was good looking, long before we got to know them on a deeper level?

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I always thought it was ‘Yesterday’. But it may not be old enough, even now, to be the leader.

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For me it’s “Bags”, Milt Jackson, then everyone else far below him. . . .

I actually used to hate vibes, until I got into MJQ.

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