Take a look at the first Lucky Charms TV commercials from 1964

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You want to sell cereal these days you gotta get more hard core:
(Warning: cartoon violence)


It’d be nice to get through one St Patrick’s day in my life without some one bringing up fucking Lucky Charms.

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Mad Sweeney does not approve.



Of course the actor wasn’t Irish. That should be obvious.

Don’t want to miss the opportunity to post this scientific study of what’s actually in every box:
LuckyCharms chart


And hey, what better time to recall this comic.

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I don’t know if cereal is as aggressively marketed now as it was during the broadcast era. Do kids today know who/what the Trix rabbit is?

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G.O.B.:Illusions, Michael. Trix are something a whore does for money.”


I don’t think it is either. Things like Netflix streaming and Youtube mean kids aren’t exactly watching a ton of advertisement laden television anymore, less room for those types of commercials.


That’s a good question. I remember my cousin who is just about to turn 20 asking me about the Trix Rabbit specifically when she was younger. She was really entertained by the idea that there was some sort of regular plot to it, and surprised that it was more than an image on a box.

There was a big regulatory change in the US around 92ish. I’m probably remembering the date wrong. But Ninja Turtles was like the last thing under the line on the whole TV as literal toy commercial.


Lucky Charms…Kix…to some extent FrootLoops

Cereal theft was a big issue back in the day.

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Now that I can wholly and knowledgeably attest to being wrong. One simply has to look at popular children’s programming like Paw Patrol or PJMasks to know that children’s entertainment is still very much tied to toy, clothing, etc marketing.

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Cable networks are not subject to the FCC E/I requirements.


But Paw Patrol isn’t literally written by toy designers at Hasbro. It’s primary distribution method is not fast food restaurant kids meals. It doesn’t have it’s own cereal, none the less 3 breakfast cereals with a box top mail in for a limited release figure. And your kid’s pediatrician is not being paid to redo their exam rooms in official Paw Patrol regalia.

I think my mom still has some of that He-Man paper our doctor used for his exam tables in the basement. She has a Mum-Ra figure from a cereal promo in her china hutch right next to the wedding photos and the waterford crystal. When people visit she tells them all about how much sugar we had to eat to order 5 of them.

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