Take a trip back in time with the "new" Doctor Who logo

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Diamond Logo 4 Life!

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Tom Baker Hello GIF by Doctor Who


So you are ok to tell us someone or something from the past is coming back in one post’s headline, but taking care to avoid spoiling it for anyone who does not know…

Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 13.27.44

… but let people fall into reading about the logo without ANY hint that there might be a spoiler in your text?


I think if you wanted to avoid spoilers at this point, you’d have to just be off the internet for until you get around to seeing that episode… It’s everywhere. I have not seen the episode, but not been able to avoid the spoiler either.

doctor who spoilers GIF

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Oh, IDGAF - but others might and it seems bonkers for the same author to go to such lengths on one post and 12 hours later just not bother. Consistency is always welcome.

i always think of this logo as being the Colin era, not the Tom, but i guess that’s kind of the same thing, depending on when they switched logos. bottom line is, it made me smile.

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For me it was Jon Pertwee and early Tom Baker, late Tom Baker saw the intro of the neon tube logo of the Peter Davison era. And then that awful, awful logo that Sylvester McCoy had.

The Tom Baker logo was used in merchandising a lot, but I still have the 25th anniversary books (Doctor Who - The Key To Time and Doctor Who - A Celebration of Time and Space, both by Peter Haring) as well as the FASA role playing game. They have the neon tube logo on them.

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