Tales from the Loop – An eerie account of a physics research facility gone awry

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One wonders whether this was influenced by http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/r1-nuclear-reactor



Simon Stalenhag’s paintings are awesome. The colors really capture a snowy evening landscape. I also like how he blends 1980s objects (cars and computers) with futuristic elements.

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For instance, the three cooling towers in the photo above were built to release heat from the core of the Loop.

There are no cooling towers, in fact, no photos at all except a photo of a book, the cover of which is a painting that includes no cooling towers.

The text in the post is from Wink where the three cooling towers painting is included.

(Edited to deep link to the correct Wink page)

I almost kickstarted this.

I may have to buy it now.


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