Tame Impala's "Eventually" cut to Kubrick's '2001'

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I read the headline with “cut” and “to” swapped, and was mightily confused and intrigued.

“No middle ground.”

This is incorrect.


2001 with no apemen is like Blade Runner without unicorns.
2001 cut to “Eventually” is like Blade Runner cut to “Eventually”.


I never get that dichotomy of “you’ll either love this or hate it” with things. I guess I’m too middle of the road. But I did like this, it’s pretty cool!:wink:

Meh. The song was neat, the cuts on the beats was pretty cool, but it seems to me that if you are going to repurpose footage for a music video you need to do something more then restate the thesis of the original, abridged. Character study, new perspective, juxtaposition, or even play around with the sequence.

Not bad, but not mindblowing. YMMV

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Love it

The only version of 2001 I managed to stay awake through.

Yeah, it was slightly good. Don’t love it, but it’s all right. :neutral_face:

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