Target to remove LGBTQ-themed merchandise from stores to appease conservatives

None. This behavior should not be tolerated, at all, ever. And cowering in fear and bowing to their demands isn’t helping us. That’s why I recommended getting better security. We seriously need to start showing the fashholes that they ARE NOT in charge.
And holding public figures, including politicians, accountable for their acts of stochastic terrorism.


That’s what these “conservative” terrorists are banking on. The corporate response of pulling promotions, pulling product, etc… has been couched in “for the safety of our employees…”


That is literally the definition of Conservatism: nothing ever changers, no new ideas!


Can we stop calling them “conservatives?” It’s like referring to face eating leopards as “bity kitties.”


They are fascists. Fucking fascists to those in the know. They know it, we know it, but it is considered “impolite” to say so. Funnily enough, calling us “socialists” and “communists” does not seem to be the same problem. :man_shrugging:


Weird how the “for the safety of staff” bullshit is because of threats by the fucking fascists in the first place.

Most people here on the threads are white, and straight.
You probably have no real idea how tiring this all is to queer people. How draining. How desperate it makes us feel, constantly.
Every day, another “request” for us to be hidden, another threat, another assualt, another rule, another lie, another law, another murder, EVERY FUCKING DAY.

Then there’s a little glimmer as somebody says “We stock this thing for you!” and we know it isn’t worth getting excited about, but we want to, we deserve joy and to be included - but we know that soon, real soon, they’ll cave. Again.
Every. Fucking. Time.

So while you all think, "…hmm, something ought to be done… " yet another queer person is wondering how they’re going to get through the day, why they should even bother, when clearly the world doesn’t care about them, because this battle is every fucking day, and it wears people down. Desperate people do desperate things without hope.

Your allyship means fuck all if you don’t actually stand up for us.


We need to just call them fascists so that the whole “but can a Hispanic person also be a white supremacist” talking point dies too (yes, they can).

But you don’t need a genetic analysis to see these are fascists who will straight up murder a store clerk over other people’s fashion choices.


I would argue the cashiers are more at risk not less with this change.

The very clear message is threating staff is a way to force Target to ack a certain way and that it works.

This encourages more threats for any manor of things someone wants Target to do differently and they just said loud and clear this is approach works and doesn’t have any downside to the person taking the action.


Yeah remember all the “don’t show them fear” rhetoric in 2001? Now it’s “maybe if we give the terrorists everything they demand they’ll just get full and happy and everything will be ok. We should all just live in fear forever, it’s not like violent extremists would just ratchet up their demands where they see traction…”


The Asian shopping centers I frequent always have armed cops standing around everywhere. All cashiers everywhere are under threat by fascists right now. Literally… everyone at any shopping center is at risk because violent extremist terrorists in the US are using mass murder to threaten and control the population and turn people against each other.

It is working.

Removing the merch protects no one and advantages no one but the fascists.


This whole thing reminds me of when stores had mask mandates and RWNJs would try to force their way in without wearing one. It was always up to the store workers to enforce this policy, sometimes resulting in shoving matches.

I never understood why these companies couldn’t hire one guard per store to protect their employees.


Can we post email addresses here? Because:

Just got off the phone with customer service to both register my disgust and get this email. Spread it widely.


This isn’t about capitulating in hopes that people would just shop there. This is to a point where their employees are getting threatened, attacked, etc. That’s what the right is doing now. Straight up terror campaigns. And the cops are helping.

I don’t blame Target for not wanting their employees murdered because of this terrorism. I blame the terrorists.


Why not both? Target’s lobbying has helped fund the right wing of the US after all. I feel bad for any employees who get harassed, but not for Target.


Yeah, I’m a teensy bit happy that they are 100% blaming this on terrorists, but on the other hand, they didn’t stop selling toilet paper during the pandemic and there are loads of videos of people getting violent with employees while hoarding. :man_shrugging:t2:


Giving in to terrorism and bullying doesn’t make the situation better. At best it kicks the can a few metres down the road in exchange for what one famous appeaser called “peace for our time” (which always turns out to be a short time).

A real leader defends their people by standing up to thugs and letting them know in the strongest terms that they’re not welcome. Anything less is cowardice.


It also lets some of us know that some people are more important than us. Let’s not forget that the terrorists want us genocided.


Is this the same Target that 10 or 15 years ago pioneered letting pharmacists not dispense medicines like morning after pills and birth control pills if they morally disagreed with them? even if there were no other pharmacies in a particular town?

color me shocked


Target keeps moving in and out of my boycott column. Guess they’re back in now.


Yeah at the very least I appreciate that they aren’t playing along with the denial (psyops! CIA! Crisis Actors! statistically insignificant!) I’m tired of the goddamned gaslighting.