Tasmanian tiger: thought to be extinct yet sighted two months ago

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If a fox is cat software running on dog hardware, the Tasmanian tiger is dog software running on cat hardware…


Australian customs should set up screen against Mighty Hunters heading to Tasmania.


oh man, I hope this is true. I’m not gonna get my hopes up too much though. Seriously, if you have two people in a car in 2019, you know at least one of the two it’s going to be holding their iPhone at any given minute. So why didn’t these doofuses get a picture


Please please let it be true!


I mean, I really really want to believe


Queue the X-Files poster with a Tasmanian Tiger floating in the sky.


I think we should add Tasmanian tigers to this list.


They probably faked their own extinction as a means of protecting themselves from us humans.



They thought I was extinct as well, but here I am rocking like a hurricane.


More like honey badger software running on kangaroo hardware, really.


… but with a forward-facing fannypack? :thinking:


There have been numerous unconfirmed reports of cougar sightings in northern Quebec and Ontario; the eastern cougar is thought to be extinct, so the sightings might be western cougars ranging eastward from the northern prairies. The Ministry of Natural resources has set up trap cameras along the area where they may have been sighted, so they are taking it seriously.

I arrived at my cottage in northern Ontario one July to find very large, round muddy footprints (not a bear or wolf!) on my front porch, muddy prints on one of the window frames, and what may have been muddy nose prints on the window. From the height, it was an animal that was about the same height as me (5’4") if looking in the window.


As much as I wish that this was true, there have been sightings like this since the extinction, and they all prove to be untrue. To maintain a breeding population since the extinction, there would have to have been enough that they would have been seen often since then.


There’s some blury as fuck bigfoot style pictures out there. But there’s been regular sightings pretty much since they went extinct. Its a better possibility than our friend Sasquatch but I wouldn’t neccisarily put money on it.

I wouldn’t phrase it that way. Very few such sightings can be proven or disproven since they tend not to provide any evidence that can be tested. Though the few I’m aware of that can be extended beyond what people say/think they saw or an indistinguishable photo have turned out to be house cats.

Its more that the sightings haven’t amounted to anything and there’s effectively nothing else to go on.


Obligatory reference to the only horror movie to reference the critters


“One report last February said that two people, visiting Tasmania from Australia,”
That’s like saying, “two people visiting Hawaii from the United States…”
Tasmania is part of Australia - it is one of their six states.


Dash cams.
Right now everybody review the quickest way to get your phone into camera mode.

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I love this movie SO. MUCH.


I lived in West Virginia until after I graduated from college. I was an Eagle scout, and I worked with Wildlife Biologists during college. Lots of fun times.

Officially, the last Panther shot in West Virginia was shot in 1877 at Tea Creek. There is a beautiful folk story telling what happened there; I’ve had the pleasure of hearing it from several tellers; a sad but beautiful story.

Anyway; the Cougar / Panther is extinct in West Virginia; it has been since the 1880s, and there have been numerous studies trying to prove the existence of cougars in the range; and all have come back unable to do so.

But West Virginia is rough and wild, with a lot of places in-between. (Much like Tasmania, and much like Quebec and Ontario, I’m sure.) If you spend enough time outside, eventually, you’ll see a cougar. I’ve seen tracks and flashes of fur and animals not quite seen well enough to be sure of what I saw. One day, while we were eating lunch, I asked the wildlife biologists about it - and every single one of them had “seen” one or believed them to be present. Now, there was a lot of different opinions on how they got to be there - they may be misplaced Florida Panthers, they might be western Cougars which either came east or were escaped pets, but there was just a small, small chance that there might be a small breeding population of Eastern Cougars that had survived in the back woods since the 1880s unseen.

I don’t know. I guess I hope that somehow some Eastern Cougars did make it. But even if they are Florida Cougars or Western Cougars… I really hope there are some mountain lions left; they are just absolutely beautiful creatures and we need more apex predators in the mountains.