"Teacher of the Year" in California arrested for allegedly having sex with teen boy — "there may be more victims"

Nope. And the fact that you believe that says more about you than it does about humanity.
Might be something to think about, and maybe read up on some anthropology. Human culture and history is vast and varied. It really opens one’s eyes as to what we think is the “default” way of doing things. If we’re willing to have our eyes opened.


This… and people need to remember that so much of our history is told through the perspective of those few humans who sought to use force and violence to impose their will on others - often because that’s what we have access to, with regards to historical sources. That’s more true the further back in time you move. It’s certainly not the only way of understanding the past that matters nor is it necessarily the most accurate view of so-called “human nature”…


Do you know any anthropologists? Because my sister is one and this simply ain’t true.

Humans are fundamentally socially cooperative. That is why we rule the planet. Because we’re crazy good at setting aside differences and working together. Much focus is justifiably put on out tribal schisms, but we built space stations and skyscrapers and get healthcare and food to everyone who needs it* in spite of all that. A few individuals seek power, sure, but it’s a tiny minority. Humans are cooperators, full stop.

*more or less. Obviously we need to get a lot better at this still

Edit: sorry, I guess this specific point has already been belaboured in the thread. Apologies for piling on late in the conversation.


I say continue to belabor that shit, since it’s an idea that needs to have wider understanding among the public at large. As someone who teaches history it’s a difficult idea to dislodge from people’s heads and the more we have people embracing that and discussing it with others, the better off we all are…


And to put it into more personal terms, the argument @WedgeAntilles is making is saying that, because the bullies dominated our schoolyard, THEY are the one true example of human nature, when in fact, there were many more of us who didn’t like or condone their behavior. So it’s like saying that all the rest of us were abnormal or didn’t have “natural instincts?”

I’m with Mindy - amplify that message anytime you can. No apologies necessary. But it is nice that you noticed there are more of us saying the same thing. :heart:


Rape culture and its champions have icky takes, as usual.


But will it stay deleted?

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This is fucking revolting…

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I can’t find it now, but I remember an instance where a female teacher was found guilty of “having sexual relations with” (raping) a male underaged student in, I want to say it was 2005 or 6, and O’Reilly did a whole thing on his show about how “women should be held to the same standards,” in terms of punishment. But the thing is, she was being held to the same standards. The standards fucking suck. It’s not enough. But he never called out that issue, big surprise.
But to get back on topic, goddamn these hypocrites.


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