Teacher removed from public education meeting in handcuffs after asking why superintendents get raises but teachers don't

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Peasants should know that questioning their betters is dangerous.


black cop and white suspect…progress?

edit: for those that may not have understood the implied point…/sarcasm


THIS to anyone who still claims that fears of democracy slipping into something nearer to dictatorship are unwarranted and paranoid.


Nope, not envious of American freedum today either.


I see it as a cop versus innocent citizen thing.


Divide and conquer. Same as it ever was.


But don’t let it be a black and a white one
‘Cause they’ll slam ya down to the street top
Black police showing out for the white cop


Longer version (for more context). Still pretty chilling.


The observation of black cop and white ‘perp’ isn’t relevant to the original post, IMO. But since it was brought up, I’d like to bring attention to this book I’ve read recently, Locking Up Own Own by James Forman, Jr. It discusses behaviors and attitudes of black authorities toward the black community and is a good read; I recommend it for further insight into race in America. Author interview at NPR:


I don’t feel like I got the full story of what actually happened. That said, I also can’t imagine there’s much more than what’s on the face of it as exposed in this post on BB or in the Newsweek article.

eta: Now that I watched the longer, complete tape, I see what happened. The board apparently didn’t want to hear what she, and others, had to say wrt the raise and how it’s related to the spending in the classrooms. Chilling, indeed.


This just the small town version of what happens throughout government.


so how long until the the internet goes nuts on the superintendents? My guess is not long.


"Abbeville city marshal who works in the parish schools dragged her out of the room, put her in handcuffs and threw her to the floor while chanting “stop resisting.”

Did I watch a different video? I didn’t see anyone get “dragged” out of the room nor did I see the marshal “chanting”. Whether or not she was “thrown to the floor” is up for debate since that moment was left out of the video and all we have to go on is what she said. Please stop trying to influence people’s opinions of what they are watching and just report on what is shown.


BB, do you realize it is impossible to listen to the audio on this video without it being totally overwhelmed by the loud, obnoxious audio from the advertisement that appears lower on your webpage? I don’t see how other commenters managed to listen to the audio at all - it is completely impossible for me to hear it because all I can hear is the trailer for what sounds like a horrible movie about how cool it is to be a soldier who kills people. Perhaps other commenters have ads blocked. Is that the choice you want to give us:

a) totally unable to hear sound from videos you post and subjected to obnoxiously loud advertisements; or
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Please rethink so we can enjoy BB without having to choose between those options.


Yes, you must have.
The one I saw did indeed have someone be dragged out and the officer chanted stop resisting as a sort of magic invocation as there was no resistance on the video.


You obviously have your own definition of “dragged” and “chanted” then

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A more colloquial one perhaps, let’s leave it at that.
Smiley face.


I would say more self-affirming than colloquial.

I watched the full video that aethercowboy posted above and I do not see that this teacher did anything wrong. This was a public process with a public comment. Whether the cop was called in by the board or he came in on his own accord is unclear. In either case, the whole room should have stood up to ‘protect’ this teacher. We need to call these f**kers out when they make an abusive move such as this. They abuse their authority so F their authority. I think that we all need to start acting as one and have each other’s back in a situation such as this.