Techy TikTokers are sabotaging Texas's abortion whistleblower website

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I’m not usually a fan of DDoS style attacks but if any site deserves one it’s this Christo-Fascist snitch line. I hope the reports regularly name Abbott and his coterie as attempting to abort the Establishment Clause.


I mean, it’s not really a DDoS (and yes I realise you said “-style”) since the goal is to fuck up data quality rather than swamp the server.



Republican running dogs gonna be mad they finally caught that car.


I mean, it sure is a “shame” that this is happening. Yeah, such a “shame” that the website is being filled with bad data. What a “shame…”

You know, it would ALSO be a shame if someone was falsely accused of an abortion and they swiftly countersued for, you know, defamation (because suing for abortions comes with financial penalties, its totally reasonable), loss of income, recovery of the court fees, etc. Yep, boy, what a shame that would be. I would hate to think a bounty hunter would lose their cars and see their bank accounts swiftly emptied because they sued the wrong person. What a shame…

And it would be a shame if folks filing lawsuits about others abortions were SUDDENLY facing lawsuits about their OWN abortions. Because you know, the person filing doesn’t have to pay if they lose, so it would really eat into folks if they have to keep paying court fees. Far as I can tell, you don’t even need to have evidence, you can just sue because you wanted to, long as you can afford it. Someone with real deep pockets might do that I suppose… what a shame…

And here I thought the GOP hated lawsuits. I had no idea how shameful they would be in supporting them. Well, it just goes to show.


If Abbott and his Republican cronies in the legislature pass any bill ordering the construction of new roads / bridges / etc., if even one pregnant woman is able to get to an abortion clinic more quickly on a new road, doesn’t that count as aiding that woman to get an abortion?



Aaaaand it’s down.


It’s apparently been up and down a lot the last day. I imagine they are trying fixes to prevent folks from spamming it, but anything a Texas web designer can invent, there’s someone else far cleverer who can overcome it.



This includes: (1) Abortion funds that provide financial or logistical support to women who kill their unborn children after a fetal heartbeat is detectable; (3) Doctors or medical personnel who provide abortion referrals after six weeks of gestation; and (4) Any other individual or entity that aids or abets an illegal abortion in any way.

These pro life Texans are real good at countin’!


I’m not a techy, so half of what I’m writing probably won’t work, but…

This would work much better if multiple bots submitted data to the snitch line. Maybe twice an hour. Each submission spoof a different IP address in Texas. Each submission pulled from a database of conservative Christian / Republicans, possibly created from online data, such as newspapers, Party websites, mega church websites, etc. each submission identified a location in TX within a mile of an abortion clinic, and each submitted a claim of forbidden activity, such as paid for an abortion, transported to a site, counseled for an abortion, provided comfort after an abortion, etc.

A hundred bots, submitting twice an hour, from, say 6:42 am to 11:13 PM would create 3,400 submissions a day. If we assume good Christians take Sunday off, that’s 20,400 a week.

Even if it takes 5 minutes to review to decide whether to pursue further or not, that’s 1,700 hours spent clearing the backlog. Per week. That’s 42.5 FTE persons needed. At $15/hr that’s $25,500 a week just to work through the submissions, or $1.33M a year.

It’s not the computer system that needs to be taken down, it’s the time of the “enforcers” of this law that needs to be tied up. Make “enforcement” such a painful chore that they’ll beg to revoke the law.


You beat me to it!

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And can you, can you imagine fifty people a day, I said
Fifty people a day walking in singin a bar of Alice’s Restaurant and
Walking out. And friends they may thinks it’s a movement.


It was up this morning when I reported Greg Abbot.


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Checks out. No one is doing more to discourage Texans from wanting to bring children into this world.


Next it’s going to be flooded with kpop fancam videos


This is a fantastic bit of protest. I heard they were doing similar things with the call in number. Flood that shit 24/7 to the point that it is useless.

As I said in a previous thread, I am hoping this will be the bridge too far and they will loose power in Texas with people running to repeal this asinine law. Even the majority of Republicans don’t want what is essentially a ban (only about 1/3rd of them are that hard core). That is a whole lot more people who are for the right to choose. Let this become the poison pill that will kill your election chances.


I’m hopeful that protest measures like this might change things for the better. But then I remember how many articles about the topic of abortion still get spammed with “tHeYz KiLlin’ bAbBieZz!!1!” comments from fundie pro-forced-birth a-holes. And then I’m not so sure. Sigh.