Ted Cruz campaign hires dirty data-miners who slurped up millions of Facebook users' data


Well, you could tell us about it. Unless you’re just here to complain about how we suck.


There is no private information on Facebook.


Looks like somebody finally bothered to mention it…

…now what is it?

Also, how is it relevant to this story?


haha you got me, that was unnecessarily sassy of me. links above, it fits this story and is right in doctorow’s topical wheelhouse (tech, privacy, political shadyness). I didn’t know if this wasn’t getting a mention because people hadn’t read about it or because of general team donkey cheerleading, and cynically assumed the latter.


I’ve never encountered that accusation before. It’s not at all surprising when you consider how much money Clinton has behind her.

Keep in mind that disgust for Ted Cruz doesn’t require any party affiliation.


Ted Cruz actually makes me miss Kay Bailey Hutchinson. She would actually send out fairly detailed letters in regard to whatever issue you might have written about. Probably some of them were just general letters to all constituents, but still, they were somewhat in depth on whatever subject and so you knew where she stood. I very rarely agreed with Kay Bailey about anything, but I was somewhat impressed that she made an actual effort to communicate. Does any politician do this these days? Probably Lloyd Doggett, but I was gerrymandered out of his district and into Lamar (Screw Science!!) Smith’s, the only upside of that being that I get to vote against him now…God, just thinking that he is the Chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology is enough to induce despair.

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