Ted Cruz campaign hires dirty data-miners who slurped up millions of Facebook users' data


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…because he’s a reprehensible human being.

Well, perhaps not because specifically…but he most certainly is.


They don’t have quite the same image as the mad scientists from the hard sciences; but I get the impression that there are a number of psych guys who you would do very, very, well to keep an eye on at all times.


Ted “Canadian Teabagger” Cruz…

This message is NOT gluten free.


Well this makes me regret not joining Facebook. Just think how an authoritarian government might…

Oh, wait.


He’s way, way, way, way, way too smarmy for me. I call bullshit.


I realize that this is purely based on my utter disgust toward Cruz and his Dominionist father but every time I see those rubbery lips of his move I think of the sphincter of some bottom feeding parasite defecating the remains of an innocent soul. Many republicans adhere to this vile twist of Christianity and Cruz shamelessly employs anything and everything he can in this destructive pursuit of power. Dominionist’s fail to rate the status of maggots, maggots eat necrotic flesh not a pretty job but one that has its place in nature. Dominionists are more like Leishmaniasis on the soul of society.These people are to be feared and opposed in all ways. I would feel far safer with a narcissistic buffoon like Trump in power than I would with someone as vile as Cruz.


And how is this different from what Facebook does on a daily basis?


But how do you really feel?


Agree. This is no different than what you signed up for with Facebook.

One Eula click at a time all you guys who stayed on Facebook built this reality.

And here we are taking a politician to task for using the system you all decided to be a part of.


Whenever I get the message that an iPhone or Facebook app wants my list of contacts I decline. It’s remarkable how many things request this with no justification. I just started receiving spam messages that look like they are from people in my contacts, and don’t know how that got leaked but I’m not letting it happen under my watch.


Some of us didn’t decide to be part of Facebook because we saw this coming.


The complaint here is not about scraping the parts of Facebook profiles that people make public. That’s fine, covered by Facebook terms and conditions. If you want to tell the world about yourself, then the world and its dog can save it.

What they have done is got people to give access to all their private information on Facebook, and what their friends let them see, but may not let other people access. They do not have informed consent from the friends of those who complete the questionnaire. Depending on the wording of the questionnaire, they may have consent from them.


And as such, now when companies and politicians tailor their products and messages to the masses, your viewpoints seem not to exist. The future is being built upon likes and dislikes and your views count as much as the non-vote from someone who stayed home on Election Day. :wink:

Or to put it another way. You’re like a smart person who chose not to have kids in Idiocracy.


Actually, I was pretty clear that I simply thought that Cruz was a reprehensible human being.






ted cruz – the plastic face that contorts to display the emotion you want to see. could anything be more profane or disingenuous?


It’s like a cross between Joseph McCarthy and Jim Belushi. (I tried one of those face mashups on the web but it just ended up looking like McCarthy.)


looks like nobody’s bothering to mention Hilary’s ultra creepy Google venture, Groundwork? huh.