“Ted Cruz Father Linked to JFK Assassination!” and other tabloid stunners

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“Linked to.” When I become dictator that phrase will be outlawed. It will be replaced by other terms, such as actual facts.

The old timey spin machine.

Is the Lee Harvey Oswald photo the one in Montreal?

This is supposedly when the Quebec-Guantanamo Peace March was in Montreal in June of 1963. There’s not much online about it, except at the conspiracy sites, where it’s about the conspiracy rather than the walk.

The biggest source is Barbara Demming’s book “Prison Notes”, but it’s really only about the walk once it got to the south. It was not a segregated march, so there were black and white people, and when it got to the south, it ran into segregation laws, which decades later dwarfs the peace aspect. So the books only cover the troubles in the south. No mention of why it started in Quebec City, no details of hen it was here in Montreal, not much detail at all.

Fred Moore, of The Demise Party, Community Memory and the Homebrew Computer Club was supposed to be in that photo. I long knew about him but, but not his pacifist history until a decade or so ago. When I looked for his name in Barbara Demming’s book, he’s either not there or hardly present. It’s been awhile since I looked. So his role on the walk isn’t well spelled out, assuming it is him in the photo.

Though one site sys Fred Moore is the one in the picture mistaken for Oswald.

So are the conspiracists seeing things that don’t exist, or do the pacifist books deliberately hide this episode for some reason?

There was t least one WWII pacifist walking, and it was organized by the CNVA, Committee for Non-Violent Action.

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