The FBI's Nikola Tesla files

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It says on the page that’s linked it’s Part 1 of 3, so for the curious:

Part 2 is here:
Part 3 is here:

PDF downloads are directly below the actual pages displayed.


This stuff- these files and the Kennedy ones etc - are just Drumpf’s latest bread and circuses episode to distract from what is going on in serious news.

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To be fair to the FBI, he was secretly building an army of gigantic death-ray wielding automatons.


I thought that was George Soros?


You ever see them in the same room together? Just sayin’ :wink:


I’ll see your bet and raise you some 80s glam.

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Contains this from 1937

Please do not think me a “crank” letter writer. I have never before written a letter of this type to anyone. But the idea seems to me so within the bounds of possibility that I most sincerely feel it will bear some practical study. – Anon, Passaic, NJ

I feel sure there must be an earlier instance of this kind of justification. And I think it’d be intriguing to find the earliest.

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The release of the Kennedy assassination documents was mandated by a law passed in the 1990s. I have no idea why everyone is giving Trump credit for it.

Our Glorious Apricot Leader Deserves The Credit For Everything That Happens Including The Sun Rising Each Day And Brightening The Sky With A Color That Matches His Holy Hair!!!EleventyOne!!!

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