Teddy Ruxpin won't leave my tortured brain alone

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We gave our niece a Teddy Ruxpin. Eventually the plastic started coming off the snout and lips, revealing a ‘westworld’ type mechanical/bear hybrid horror, the eyes also fell back in the head and the cassette tape rollers warped so it would speak in a kind of demon voice…my sister found it buried in the back of her kids closet “Teddy scares me now momma”


I knew someone who decoded the movement data track on the Teddy Ruxpin doll cassette tapes. It would have been fun to turn one into an animatronic speaker phone for those really dull calls around the conference table.

And now it has returned.


Spitting image, “The Chicken Song”. Heard it once in 1988, stuck in my head ever since. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RQ5AFxzY-nM

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And why the heck cant I display YouTube thumbnails anymore?

The only solution is to kill it with a different bear based theme song.


The amazing thing about a song like this is it seems to last only a minute, but then it goes on in your mind for hours or even days. Is this just data compression, or some kind of time dilation?


Ear worms are like tape worms, they get in there and grow and grow and grow…


I prefer old-school kid show earworms. On the plus side, I can summon this from my twisted memory to drive out any fresh earworm invasions.


This is not an improvement over ANYTHING!

Yep. Well documented for probably 20ish years.

I have been meaning for many of those years to buy an old one and write a small GUI app to let me lip sync metal songs for youtube.

Too many projects in the queue, I am afraid.

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Probably longer than that, it just took the documentation longer to propagate back then.

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I don’t think I’ve ever watched an episode of The Mysterious Cities of Gold but dangit if the theme song doesn’t keep dancing around my consciousness.


I had this. The bloody song is like a rerun spectre.

I’m not clicking on that link.


I know great chunks of that song by heart.

“High adventure that’s beyond compare!”

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The song doesn’t bother me, but then I’ve never heard it before. What bemuses me is the map with “Hard to Find City”. I used to live not far from “Hard to Find Farm” (it’s near High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, England). I wonder which was first?

Good show. A peculiarity even for its time. I recommend it if you have a taste for anime.

This is the one that pops into my head, unbidden, periodically.

It’s the worst because most people apparently didn’t see/watch this show, and they look at my like I’m crazy when I complain that I can’t get the Gummi Bear song out of my head.