Teen claims world record for kicking oneself in head


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And to my cat tiddles I leave my entire vast, boot to the head!

Anyway well not sure it will bring the attention you want… but wow that’s some pretty amazing body flexibility and dedication to it there.


Well, literally, sure.

I’m still the world record holder metaphorically. :disappointed:


Oh, the GOP beats that record everyday, at the cost of all Americans unfortunately.


Mmm I prefer the original Boot to the Head.


No that was last will and temperament.


Well the are performing to the audio only ketch by the Frantics. This is the internet. They need moving things to keep interest.


Well, haters: what are you certifiably best in the world in?


Nepalese teen Puskar Nepal has booted the previous champion from the record books.

We usually use the perfect tense for events of the recent past. For things that happened eight goddam months ago, the imperfect tense is more appropriate. Thus: Nepal booted the champion.


Well, ain’t that a kick in the head?


I don’t know… I’m sure there are quicker ways to win a Darwin award.


Does he get a trophy?



Feet. In. Mouth.


He does not look like I expected Texas to look like.


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