Teen journalists profile each of the 1,200+ US children killed by guns since Parkland

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/02/13/nra-body-count.html


1200? One more would be too many.

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Every single time this comes to mind…


Thank You, the kids! Each of you for saying the truths that you are facing or the truth that stole you from us. Remember us as you will, there are cowards among us, liars, greedy people who would lovingly stroke the stock of a killing machine but would not likely put anything of value in your life otherwise. Your exercise will give you the opportunity to see who is worthy of your attention. It will strip you to the bone for the kid you might have laughed with but now you can not. Watch out though guys… it is so easy to get lost and distracted You will be observing people whose intent and business is to separate you from both reality and money. They can cut you so deep and quick that your pain will not be felt for some time. Check with each other to further protect yourselves from the fantasies that are used to harvest you. Make no mistake about these people. They are reapers, you, their tender crop. Love each other from where ever on the each you stand or rest. Though it hardly matters to you for me to say this, none the less, I love you and wish that each and all of you blossom fully into place.


An incredible number really.


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