Teen self-injects verses from the Bible and the Koran that have been transposed into DNA


Because libtard is a very prevalent slur in cobservative and republican circles.


Well that’s just wrong. It obviously applies to libertarians. Anyone with an ounce of common sense should know applying it to liberals or people with left leaning politics is laughable.


Are you saying they’re not discussing libertarians? odd. I just always thought it was nasty in fighting.


The phrase has, literally every time I have ever seen it used over years now up until your post, been used to refer to liberals. Common practice, definitely. I am likely one of those very left-leaning libtards, so I pay attention to such things.


I have literally only seen it used to refer to liberals… Maybe other than here, you see a different internet than me.


Be the change you wish to see in the world?


I for one support this reappropriation of the term



Humpty Dumpty would agree with you, but most of us would just be confused.


this is not as bad as the things teens from my generation were injecting into themselves.


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