Teen solves Rubik's Cube in world record 4.69 seconds

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I love every part of this:

  1. It’s an utterly banal-looking run, nobody paying attention.
  2. SLAM grin World record!
  3. Slow realization by everyone around him “wait what, are you serious”
  4. Building chaos, cheering
  5. Camera looks at timer, put down, focused on nervous-looking kid who administered the run.
  6. Chaos intensifies “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD”

I was pretty happy about it all but got a little nervous about the brooding kid with the Dylann Roof hairdo at :49. He doesn’t seem very pleased with the situation.

I couldn’t stop staring at his t-shirt. Why is one sleeve longer than the other? It didn’t look bunched up. Is that a style now?

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I want him on my team.

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I don’t know. I like to enjoy solving my puzzle cubes.

Magnets? Tuned cubes? Am I seeing that correct? Gadget creep is speeding up Cube solving?

It’s pretty cool, not sure if shaving 0.04 seconds off the WR is “staggering”, but bravo to that guy. My PR is about three minutes.

Mine is 34 years, and counting.

The problem may be that it is not a Cubicle Valk M.


I could do that.

I mean, not that fast, and not without taking it apart and painfully reassembling it, but I’d eventually get the same result.

Seriously, that is mind-blowing. Where did I see a video of some guy on a subway solving one with one hand while browsing a phone? That was amazing, too.

Both sleeves are exactly the same size. If you look carefully, you can see that the kid is simply wearing the t-shirt slightly twisted, as if somebody had pulled the t-shirt from his right shoulder towards the middle of his back. Since the inner part of the sleeve is basically shorter (as you can see in the product page below), then this gives the illusion of seemingly uneven sleeves.

This is the product in question: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/nike-miler-performance-t-shirt/4496750
Here’s a partial picture of that kid from the back: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DIvXUlkUwAA7A1M.jpg
Here’s a video of that kid from the back: https://youtu.be/tMYBx4LsYyk?t=16s (different solve, different time, sleeves somewhat corrected)

Yes. I have too much time on my hands.


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