Teenage science explainer wins scholarship for brilliant explanation of quantum tunneling

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/12/11/teenage-science-explainer-wins-scholarship-for-brilliant-explanation-of-quantum-tunneling.html


I came, I watched, I understood.
Fantastic job young padawan…(who happens to be seriously much smarter than I could ever claim.)


yay! I learned things!


hahahahaha the end is great, she even has a snarky sense of humor.


That was awesome. She did a fantastic job breaking down a complex subject.


I worked at Maryam’s school last year (and still drop by occasionally this year, as part of my job).

Not only is she awesome, but so are her peers.

Fort McMurray has always had trouble recruiting teachers, so as a consequence, a lot of the teachers are younger, and more of the “guide on the side” type. They really inspire the kids, rather than just lecture to them. Maryam’s science teachers are world-class, in my opinion. On top of that, this is a brand new “high school” – so no real tradition of teaching a certain way because “that’s how’s it’s always been done.”

Anyway, my kid currently goes to this school :slight_smile:


Aha, that’s very cool to hear!


I mean, I guess go to school and become a Noble Peace Prize winning scientist or whatever, but the real money is making Youtube science videos and getting millions of subscribers.

Or just do both:

This is really just me being selfish, I consume science and technology videos compulsively, and I always am looking for more.


So glad you posted this! Came here to say that my mom grew up in Fort Mac and it’s a hardscrabble place that likely put this amazing student at a disadvantage to begin with. I’m pleased to hear that the place has come a long way since my mom’s time (when it was mostly known for roughnecks, dive bars and violent alcoholism).


Inspiring and heartwarming. I watched these and then read the Missouri piece on plowing demonstrations. Should have reversed the order. So I came and watched the explainer and the award video again. Much better.

Ten minutes later I am still weepy.

Me too! Here’s my absolute favorite.

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THE flipside of 2020.

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