Teenager faked pregnancy with FakeABaby.com products

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What a horrible, horrible thing to do so someone. Good for the young man, though, trying to stand up. But I sure hope he moves along. She’s not the one for you.

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Probably likely that there are some underlying issues, but then again, a 16 year old who is pregnant may not yet be capable of making rational decisions, and this may have just been a 16 year old who felt scared and alone and made a really bad decision.


Man. I heard about this on the radio this morning. How horrible…

She is not legally an adult, she gets in trouble for stuff and has no way out. Her guardians own her whole world and can have her committed to an in patient clinic or sent to a prison-like behavior school at a whim. Shitty thing she did but remember she can not just walk out get a job and rent an apartment if she pisses off those providing for her. Minors are often trapped as being pleasers, the minor laws supposed to protect them infantilize and actually expose them to the dangers they were supposed to protect them from. She is groomed by the system to act like a child because she is only allowed to interact with society as a child until b-day 18.


As someone who was once a 16 year old pregnant woman and then was a 17 year old mother, I have to take issue with this statement. The ability to make rational decisions at age 16 is a lot higher than what most adults give those young people credit for. Back when my parents were 16 it was not horrendously uncommon for 16 year olds to be living on their own and holding down their own jobs.

I agree with what Dobby said “She is groomed by the system to act like a child because she is only allowed to interact with society as a child until b-day 18.”

What she did was not good, and was pretty cruel to her boyfriend, but we don’t know anything about the other pressures around her from parents and other family members and how that led her to believe that this was her best option.


My statement wasn’t meant to be a blanket statement. I’ve seen a lot of 16 year olds who lack a lot of common sense. But you do make a good point - I think it may be a result of society’s influence (treating them as a child, e.g.), as you point out , this was not always the norm.

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I don’t mean to damn the poor girl. God only knows the situation. But as for the boy, move along. Move along.


Never fake a baby.


I was reading the article thinking “WTH WTH Why would someone do that?” Until I came to the above line, and everything changed.

1/5 pregnancies ends in a miscarriage, but it doesn’t make it any easier.


This seems like a site where(perhaps a few enthusiastic costume parties aside) all the customers are likely to be tragic, awful, or both.


But probably a lot lower on average than what most 16 year olds credit themselves with…


It seems to be similar in a significant number of cases where someone is falsely accused of rape - after all the reaction to the monster who would make that kind of accusation, it turns out that they were actually raped by someone else and are having trouble dealing with it.

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I dunno. I think there’s still room for a merger with AshleyMadisonCorp…

Better yet:


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