Teens making fun of their own sports bloopers on Tiktok is wholesome fun

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/11/04/teens-making-fun-of-their-own.html


This is why I have hope for the future.


Anyone know why these vids don’t load for me?
And while we are at, why pics and vids from boing boing now also carry banner ads?

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My pet theory is that the folks at BB got tired of telling us about the perils of the internet and decided to show us instead. The BB shop and the out of control ads are life lessons.

Oh and something new today. When I first loaded the post about the rebranding of Facebook, Firefox notified me that the page had attempted to use social media tracking but had been blocked. When I tried to grab a screen shot, the dialog closed. So my description of the wording is only approximate.

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Actually, considering that when you use Tik Tok your facial-recognition and image are going through a Chinese company’s servers and are then sent into the Chinese Government’s Cloud, there’s nothing wholesome about it.

Seriously, get your kids off TikTok.

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I hit reload, tried watching them individually, poked and prodded for a good two minutes trying to figure out why the sound from the first vid was showing up in the others. Finally I realized that was the point.
Sigh. Old Interweb guy wondering why the Interwebs are broken.

Edit: Couldn’t figure out how to search Tik Tok by hashtag. I don’t especially care, but geez. This post has been bad for my self esteem. Yes, my VCR is still blinking 12:00… And I still have a VCR.


Same for me.
So I switched from Chrome to Firefox and they work on Firefox.
It’s not just BoingBoing though - it happened to me on another site recently but I didn’t care so did no follow up.
It is a recent thing because I know I’ve seen embedded tictok vids no problem before (on chrome).
Looked for a fix or mentions via Google and didn’t see anything (very quick look)

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