Tekashi 6ix9ine sentenced to 2 years in prison after cooperating with feds

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He has already served 13 months and will be released in late 2020.


Those face tats are going to make involvement in a witness protection program difficult.

Good on him for testifying, whatever his motivations.


2 years in strict segregation from the other baddies will be a real character builder.


It will be very interesting to see if he can live a long and fruitful life after being released from prison. Assuming he even survives prison. My overall impression is that he is a marked man now, and I’m not talking about the tattoos.


And he’ll be dead by this time next year.

I’d click “like” but there are only a few people I wish would die soon and some dumbass rapper isn’t one of them. Good luck buddy. I feel bad that the guy wasn’t given proper direction or mentoring early in life.


He was involved with the sexual assault of a minor, and child porn.

Dude was gonna get hurt in prison even if he didn’t rat on his gang. He’s probably fucked.


Dude is a pedophile…

That’s why he ratted, because he knows what happens to people with these kinds of crimes in their background.

Anyway… he’s a piece of shit.


“Snitches get,” -checks papers- “Reduced sentences? Wait, is that right?”


“ If you’re unfamiliar, Skyy was one of the people who got held up at gunpoint by Tekashi’s Nine Trey Blood gang members – which turned out to be an awful case of mistaken identity. They thought she and her assistant were Rap-A-Lot Records associates … they weren’t.

Skyy detailed the pain and anguish she was put through as a result of Tekashi’s actions in her victim impact statement , and she elaborates on that here with us. While Tekashi wasn’t one of the guys who robbed her at gunpoint, he was in the car recording the whole ordeal … something Skyy considers equally as cruel and deserving of a harsher punishment.

Not only did Tekashi and co. get the wrong people, but it sounds like they left Skyy screwed financially too … something she says Tekashi should pay for with more than just his time. He already offered to take care of another victim’s medical bills, and Skyy wants hers as well.

She wants more than just a one-time payment though … Skyy says Tekashi deserves to be broke from what he’s done. Watch … she’s strong here, and very compelling.“


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