Tell your cat you're pregnant

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For some reason I’m reminded of this series of booklets.


When I was preggers I didn’t have to tell my cat; he already knew, probably because my scent changed.

Almost immediately after I found out, Sorcerer quit sleeping on top of me, and started sleeping on my BF’s chest or back (depending upon which way he’d laid down.)

I miss that cat.

(The ex-BF, not so much.)


Heh, yeah no.
The poor guy was confused when we got home. My dad was visiting and there were some friends from scrabble club over when we came home from the hospital with the new human.
When the friends left the kitty was all wait you forgot the baby…oh shit.
Once he figured out that he still got loves and that he was not kicked out of the bed at night everything was just fine. Co-sleeping was the big thing at the time and I said in the new parent class sorry but bedtime with the humans was the one happy thing left in that 17yr old kitties life, seriously he would make a production of it every night.

ETA On the whole he took it well. I had to do some feedings and story time with both of them for a bit till he figured out we still gave him the attention he needed. He even put up with all kinds young toddler abuse from the kid. The other two cats just left the room when the kid came into it.


Days before my son was born, our cat went AWOL. He never came back. I have no proof, but it seems like he knew something was changing, and he didn’t like it.


He knew.


Two days after, the jongest cat at that time left. And never came back.


I was not aware it was a series. Makes sense, though.


Well played, madam.


Bleh. Parasites. Never own a child, they take too much and sell for too little when the novelty wears off. And the closest anyone should get to owning a cat? Fur slippers.


Also doubles as a contraceptive.

Yes, as I remember it.


“The humans are talking slowly to me about the reproductive system again.”

“Again? I mean, well done to them for working it out after a couple of decades, but why do they assume we’re the slow learners here.”

“Yeah, never mind that I noticed the hormonal changes last week (without peeing on a stick, I might add), or the fact that they’ve been blatantly trying for a kid for months…”

“Aargh- TMI”

“Hey, you try living with it. Depraved naked monkeys. Ooh, it makes we want to disembowel something.”

" I gets you. You coming over to #23 later? They’ve got premium wet food, a new sofa to scratch, and no patronising bio 101."

“Sure. Catch you later, Larry.”


I should probably scan that toddler picture of me being slept on by a cat large enough to cover all but my hands, feet, and head… I sometimes wonder how I survived to adulthood.




That was so simple and yet, so funny.:laughing:


The hobo’s motto: Never own anything you have to feed or paint.


They already know and are judging you for it.

For the next 9 months they will silently disapprove of every questionable decision you make.

“Really? You’re going with Nickleback instead of Mozart? I guess the world needs ditch diggers.”


Kitty does not want to share your affections


That’s a very stern disclaimer: “No guarantee … that your cat will not harm your child or others”. I am scared already, and I don’t own either a baby or a cat!

Reminds me of “Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball”


There was a case where a baby was killed by a Jack Russell (no bigger than a cat). The JR decided it wanted to share the cot, so it tried to move the baby, it’s thought. By grabbing it by the head.
Cats are very efficient predators. Dogs basically use distributed computing; individual dogs are not too clever but their communication skills are excellent and they co-operate, so the unit of dog is the pack. The unit of cat is one cat; a cat’s brain has all the functions needed for survival, but pared down. When a cat wants something it goes for it by the most direct route. They’ve adapted to humans enough that we tolerate an alpha predator in the house, but nothing else is a given.
For instance…
Well known lion behaviour is that a new top male will go around killing cubs to reduce competition for its own. It’s hard wired behaviour. If the humans bring home a new baby, a young cat might be deciding not to stick around to be killed by the male human. You just don’t know till it happens how deep the programming goes.