Cat pretends to be sleeping when it's time for her pill, but her owner knows what's up

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My cat would go to the wet food where the medicine was, open and close his mouth as if eating, but not actually contact the food.


What the cat hears: “Womp, womp womp, womp womp womp womp, womp. Womp womp, Wet Food womp womp.”


Was cat-sitting a friend’s cat just after it had surgery, so there were antibiotics twice a day for the next 10 or so days. On about the 2nd day, I held the pill toward the cat and said “This would be a lot easier if you’d just swallow this.” Cat walked towards me wondering what I was holding, so I leaned down for her to inspect.

She ate the pill! Took it from me, ate it, then looked at me blankly. I even searched the floor and her mouth, but the dang cat had swallowed the pill!

Yeah, dosing that cat was a breeze from there on. “Here you go.” Slurp!


If only. One of my cats was very sickly, and up to the end of her life, required as many as five pills a day. She didn’t like it, and once in a while, she hid, but she approached pill time with a disgusted resignation.


that was either a dumb cat, or a smart cat. i can’t decide which.


My cat Gremlin did this the last time I gave her a pill. The fact that she stole a leaf of spinach from my plate and ate it today explains a lot.


That lady’s a pill.

My parents’ golden retriever (since passed) hurt his left hind leg. He hobbled round the house getting lots of attention. This went on for two days and my parents got worried. On the third morning, the dog came into the kitchen favouring his right hind leg … the jig was up.


One of my cats fakes a limp every now and again. Because the one time she did have a limp, due to a bit of shed claw trapped between her toes, I fussed over her.

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