Telltale Games hopes to make a big comeback with The Expanse

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“Long-since concluded?” The last episode aired in 2022 (January, but still). That’s pretty recent, and both the show and the books have a devoted fanbase. Doesn’t seem like a weird choice to me.


Only Telltale game I played was “Tales from the Borderlands” and it was complete trash.

I wish they’d go back to their older style. Monkey Island, Puzzle Agent, Sam & Max

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What didn’t you like about it? I thought it was fine.

Dear Telltale-

I loves me some Expanse. I will buy your game if it’s good. Please don’t bollocks this up.

*Edit: Also, just a reminder that Shohreh Aghdashloo owned every scene she was in.


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What’s not to love?

(Apart from stairs.)

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reminded me of Choose Your Own Adventure books, not the kind of action I want from a video game

That’s her thing :+1:


That’s what Telltale is though, that’s all they do. (well, except for their two poker games). You had to be going in blind.

My major complaint about their games is the quicktime events. My preferred genre is point and click, I don’t want to be rushed in my adventure games.

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I generally dislike video games because of the toxic environment, and I hate FPS, but I would consider buying a game in the Expanse universe. Read the whole series this winter and it’s seriously one of the best bits of scifi i’ve read the last several years.

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This is exactly why 99+% of the time I’m doing single player. The vast, vast majority of my multiplayer is me and my wife doing D3 sitting next to each other. I don’t remember any multiplayer before that. I know I’ve done the original Borderlands with some friends back when it came out, but can’t think of anything else.

Good thing this isn’t an FPS :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

you’re right, I didn’t know anything about Telltale before I bought the game. I knew something about Borderlands though and this game is not Borderlands-ish at all.

Well, let’s see where this goes. I’m sure no one expected their adaptation of an obscure comic book from the 80s to be good either, and it gave us Sam and Max

You say that as though there hadn’t been constant demand for more Sam and Max ever since Lucasarts abruptly cancelled the sequel to Sam and Max Hit the Road. Telltale deserves credit for adapting them well, but it’s not as though they pulled them from complete obscurity. Telltale was founded by former Lucasarts employees who realized how terrible Lucasarts’ decision was and used that unfulfilled demand as a launching pad.


I love the scene where she is quizzing GySgt Draper after the attack on Ganymede, and just snaps politely on the Martian chaplain.

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