Ten horror movies written by Richard Matheson

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I remember The House of Usher and The Pit and The Pendulum movies from when I was a boy. They were creepy and entertaining.


Relative to another post Movie moments that “F***'d Me Up as a kid!”, it was seeing this The Pit and the Pendulum adaptation which messed me over bigtime. At the very end of the film they shutter the eponymous room “No one shall ever enter here again.” and the camera zooms in on horror filled eyes of the villainess Prices’s character had locked in an iron maiden. It introduced a young mind to the entombed alive horror.


A confusingly ordered list. #10 is the best? That’s non-traditional, but yeah you can do it that way. But then it is claimed that The Night Stalker is the greatest TV movie when it is sandwiched between two other TV movies. So I guess the list is not in order of quality.

Strange to put in Jaws 3-D and Dracula while leaving out Legend of Hell House and Last Man on Earth.


Let me recommend his (very) short story, “Born of Man and Woman”.


Night Stalker was a great series. I didn’t realise it was from the same pen as so many other cool projects.


Night Stalker was fantastic both the film and the TV series. Darren was great.

I hate being directed to websites like that one. I’ve always preferred the smaller phones and my iPhone SE has great difficulty navigating websites with constant pop-up windows and imbedded ads every 2nd or 3rd line of text.

Over the last week or so boing boing’s blog has improved tremendously in that regard.


I must object!

Trilogy of Terror (who can ever forget Karen Black battling an African Devil doll?).

That was a Zuni Fetish Doll, Mister!


It seems kind of a shame to base the list solely on the screenplays he wrote. It leaves out Stir of Echoes. The Legend of Hell House is still on my todo list.


Both excellent horror movies. The Legend of Hell House is a spectacularly unnerving horror classic.


The Night Stalker is one of my all time favorite TV horror films. Its such a wild idea that Las Vegas is the perfect city for a vampire.


I remember watching the original series broadcast. It is a classic and holds up well. Darren McGavin was awesome. I always thought he was handsome and had a warm, empathic personality.

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MeTV has been showing the series on Saturday nights. It holds up pretty well.

You are on the nose. Empathy is the key point to McGavin’s character. Listening closely to what people say.

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