Tentacled crib


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By putting a child in that crib you are effectively giving it a FDA fit for Old One consumption stamp and then adding a neon sign and a sale sticker just in case good old uncle Moloch didn’t notice. But hey, if the spawn of your loins somehow survives being placed in that thing at least they will forever thank you for scarring their very being with images of the outer realms and the things that dwell there.


I can’t imagine these would catch on in Japan.


Better the devil you know…


Cool crib, cool design, beautiful execution. Although, for my money, the only design spec worth considering is “can you comfortably half-sleep on the edge of the crib while patting your colicky baby to sleep at 4am”


This reminds me of one of my favorite animations ever. You can sing this to him/her as they fall asleep.


Aww, that’s sweet! They’re raising the next generation of APL programmers…


I know I’m not the only one who immediately thought of this:


That looks expensive.


My wife and I wanted to get a custom crib to pass down as an heirloom to our children.

Fun idea and all but most likely their kid will not be using that with their children unless they are a HPL fan as well as their future mate.


Wait until you see what daycare costs.


Oh man… made everything else seem so cheap in comparison. Of course now I have food costs for a 14 year old boy which is close to the same thing. :smile_cat:


Do they have adult-sized ones? :wink:


That looks awfully easy for the fearless RatBoy to climb!


Unless you manage to find a place that employs Tentacled Americans. They’re expensive, but even their infant license allows ratios of 1:8…


The biggest shock of parenting was daycare costs and availability.


The biggest shock of being an American is the utter lack of discussion about how high-quality, free and available child care for all would be one of the most economically and socially beneficial things our tax dollars could ever be put toward.


It will give a good workout for my Cthulhu/Human hybrid spawn.


Obviously their first! :wink:


Daycare? I always told my kids to play in the workshop in the barn until dinner time (and not once did they ever make a hand-carved walnut crib).