Terrarium coffee table

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It looks nice, but is it really a functional terrarium our will the green stuff rot in a few days?


I’ve seen other things like this…most notable was a glass topped end table built around a glass box that holds what appears to be the royal jewelry of a long vanished King. It’s all costume jewelry of course, but all the pieces are excellently cleaned and polished so they actually do look real. (I’ve seen real jewelry on this scale, and let me tell you, it all looks kinda fake.)


Yeah, it’s mostly moss, so at the very least you’d have to mist it a lot, which would lead to all kinds of nastiness.

Yeah I have questions. I mean air flow, water, temperature, sunlight. These are things that hard to regulate if you actually want a functional coffee table. I’ve seen aquariums for coffee tables and they have some of the same issues but I think those work better because they tend to be more of a closed system.

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I like it, although the arrangement of the wood looks like someone left a dead squid in the forest. On the next episode of “Squid vs. Nature”…

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It would be better to have sand and succulents, with vents to allow breezes to bring light moisture.


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