Terrorism in New Zealand



WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE DAMN IT!!! Seriously, how can there be this many damaged psyches out there? I wish it was a couple months later so I could go play in my garden. It’s quiet and sane there. This sucks.



As a gamer and parent of 3 kids who love to game also (including overwatch, titan fall, and fortnite) I think it is less about the game and more about the communication that should (but often doesn’t) happen between the parents and children.

Great example: my youngest when he was 5 came home from the neighbors house. He would go often after school and play with their son. He had started to have night terrors frequently and we couldn’t pin point the cause. One time he asked “dad can we get five night at Freddie’s. It’s a game I’ve played with Adam next door”. I asked about it and then looked it up. WTF. Perfectly fine game for an 17+ kid but definitely not for 5 year olds. I went to the neighbor and asked why they let their son play the game and the reply was “what’s the issue. It’s just a video game. It’s for kids”. W-T-F part two. I explained how not all video games are for kids and the rating system and why this game was particularly not age appropriate and I got a “you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s just a video game”

That I feel is more the issue. My spouse and I play games. We ensure the kids play age appropriate games and also talk to them about the games. We treat them like any other media and communicate and counsel them about the materials. We also remind them its make belive and not reality and we watch actual documentaries with the about what war and gun violence is really about/like. (We are working through burn’s Civil War atm).

I agree that desensitization happens but it’s not the games or other media sources themselves. It’s the lack of conversation and critical inquiry about them that leads to it. IMHO.



Iterating he cracks the egg on his head and the dear senator hits him in return.

I wonder how that will go over once this kid has a lawyer. “Your honor. Breaking an egg on someone’s head does not constitute physical assault!”

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Keep in mind that Australian law differs a bit from US law.

The kid has already been released by the cops, with no charges laid.

OTOH, there is a distinct chance that Fraser Anning will be charged for assaulting the kid. “He got egg in my hair” does not constitute a valid argument for self defence, especially when it’s a grown man repeatedly punching a fourteen year old boy in the face.

[EDIT: he’s 17, not 14]



Much less punchy when dealing with someone his own size.



I thought I saw he was 17. But either way my thought was he is a minor no matter what. And even if the senator gets away with slapping him the senators followers who held a child on the ground and one ina. Choke hold calling him a terrible piece of garbage or whatever…that guy as reported has a criminal record. He would be target number one by this kids attorney.



You’re right; he’s 17. I saw 14 elsewhere, but that was probably a typo.

A civil suit is unlikely unless the kid was seriously injured or traumatised. Possible, but probably not.



So I assume even if the egg thing was considered an “assault” later, that he would be considered a minor?

But you think he won’t be charged with assault? What do they consider such actions? Like a prank? I mean, the force of the egg attack wasn’t mean to hurt the guy. If he had just smacked the guy upside the head would that be assault? Is it a closed fist rule?



I suspect that at the moment it’s a “fuck that bastard” rule.



So selective enforcement at their discretion?



Always is. Unless the Minister gets involved.

However, Anning could try this:




In relation to egg crime. Not sure if this is a language difference, or an “I see what you did there,” but I am going with the later.



People are already publishing sympathetic pieces about the terrorist.



Fuck the Daily Heil, those bloody profiteers who gladly stir up hate for profit but refuse to take even the slightest bit of responsibility. Fuck Ezra Levant, a man who should know better than to continually platform white supremacists and Nazis but who does it anyway. Fuck politicians like Anning.

The love of money is not the root of all evil - the love of self above basic fucking empathy is.



I warn you, this is a hard thread to get through.



And the Daily Mirror is the most left leaning of the British tabloids. They used to support Hope Not Hate, but I don’t know if they still do. They won’t be happy with that headline either way.






Given the attitudes I have heard Australians express towards their politicians, isn’t an egg almost polite? I seem to recall a headbutting during the gay marriage referendum campaign.



IMO you look like a weak wimp if you went that route against an egging. I think the term is “snowflake cuck”.