Terrorism in New Zealand


Incidentally, that’s illegal in Arizona.


America: Where Guns Have More Rights Than People Do


One week. That’s all it took. A week.


One week, and a bit of leadership

The “effective immediately” ban on sale and purchase has been achieved by moving firearms that were legal until 57 minutes ago into a category that - under current legislation - requires a licence-to-purchase, issued by police. The PM paused at that point in her announcement, and drily stated that applying for a licence-to-purchase is a waste of time.


It is possible the company’s ban is linked to concern sparked by a photograph of Peterson taken at an event in Auckland on Feb. 18, 2019.

Peterson is posing with a man in a T-shirt that says “I’m a Proud ISLAMAPHOBE” and, in smaller print, lists inflammatory slurs against Muslims and concludes: “I love dogs, bacon and the FREEDOM to hate Islam but not the individual.”


This is beautiful. :slightly_smiling_face:





(Apoligies for the incoming wall of text)
This is great, and for those who don’t know I’ll note the same thing happened across the country - we did the same at our local mosques.

But now comes the hard part, because this has to be just the beginning. Because the shock, grief and unity is already fading. The casual racists of “middle New Zealand” are already reverting to form; golliwog dolls are going on sale.

People are complaining about the Crusaders rugby team putting it to their fans that maybe being named after a series of military campaigns aimed at killing or driving off Muslims isn’t the best look and asking “should we change our name?,”
People are taking to social media to complain that holding a call to prayer in honour of the victims is “shoving religion down their throats”,
Some are accusing Jacinda Ardern of being “emotional and mentally unstable” for pushing for gun law reform, while others are saying “the terrorist wins” if we even consider making any changes to law or how we live our lives in order to try and prevent attacks like this and spreading hate.
The Muslim community, and others, maybe talking about nominating Ardern for the Nobel Peace Prize after her brilliant and compassionate leadership over the past week, but she and police officials are also getting death threats saying “You’re next.”

Make no mistake, when Ardern and so many others say “This is not us,” it is aspirational. Because as Muslims, migrants and other minorities are coming forward to say - and have been saying for a long time - as long as there are there are even a minority of people comfortable enough to spout racist and bigoted talking points in the news, in political campaigns, and in our pubs, this is absolutely us.

The Chirstchurch attack is a wake-up call for every privileged Kiwi, like myself, who thought it was enough to just not be racist themselves. Who at most quietly cut-out anyone in our circles who expressed racism. It was not enough, and it will not be enough going forward.

I don’t know how exactly, yet, but we all need to change in our day to day lives. Or all the support and unity we’ve shown towards the Muslim community for the past week is just empty symbolism.


Lest anyone still wants to buy “lone wolf” or " merely copying or inspired by another lone wolf" bullshit

It’s an international terrorist movement. Period.


But I am certain they are “very fine people.” One might even call them “gentlemen.” And for the Trump administration, they call them “our base.” Or we could just call them international terrorists and deal with them as such.


“Am I outraged? No, Steve; no, Mark; no, Chris: that is Saudi Arabia the American Right, our partners in peace.”


But the nice white boys who gave him money were just individuals who were trying to help someone out.

Unless they gave him money and specifically communicated to him about the intention in which case they were sure he was joking.

Unless it is clear they weren’t sure of that in which case they are just a couple of disturbed individuals who should be charged but who don’t represent the broader movement.

Unless the donations were orchestrated by an organization in which case that organization must have some rogue people working for it.

Unless it was orchestrated by the leader or another senior person in that organization in which case that organization clearly needs new leadership.

But it’s just a couple bad apples.


Of course it took a country other than the US to follow the money to find the definitive link.


The U.S. is too busy spending money to spread its deranged vision of a firearms free-for-all via other right-wing loons around the world, as this investigative piece describes:


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