Tesla sued for death of 18-year-old in car accident, defective battery blamed


Do you have a citation for that? Cause I looked up the 2019 ratings, and Tesla was not listed that I could see.

If you have other info on safety ratings of Teslas can you post it? Thanks!

Glad you weren’t hurt.


Hmm. Turns out I don’t have a citation, nor can I find one. I did read at one point that the Model S was the highest rated, but that was a couple of years ago and my cognitive bias obviously decided to lock that one away as truth without any need to check. I will edit my original post.

That said, they are still much safer than my shitty Impala and I would love to own one. I don’t tend to drive fast though, so I probably won’t die in a fire after hitting a concrete barrier at 112 mph.


Okay, thanks for looking into it.

Oh yeah, totes! Not great cars… I drive a 2012 Honda Fit, and love it. I don’t know where that falls on the safety rating, though and I’ve been lucky enough to not have been in an accident (knocking on wood now).


Seems like the kind of suit where the victim’s family should be suing the reckless driver’s family, but they are suing Tesla instead because Tesla has money. Any other car would A) have had no limiter feature to begin with B) could have caught fire after a 116 mph crash C) been completely fatal when crashed in the same conditions. Nothing unique to Tesla made this crash happen or made it fatal.


Exactly! You can never tell with a company, that as Xeni points out, is associated with Mexican cartel drug sales. They are the epitome of evil.

Now, you are going to get pro-corporate Elon Musk-worshipping, objectivity-claiming Neo Nazis pointing out that with many hundreds of thousands of Teslas on the road, billions of miles of travels, and a vehicle fire rate miniscule compared to internal combustion engined cars, Teslas should not be overly maligned. Don’t you believe 'em.

They’re toe-sucking ,rubber scuba suit-wearing capitalists.


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Both IIHS (an insurance company group) and NHTSA (a government agency) conduct crash tests and award safety ratings in the USA.

IIHS hasn’t done testing of the Model 3 or Model X, so it wouldn’t consider issuing them awards. When they evaluated the 2017 Model S they gave it good results in four out of five crash tests, but only “acceptable” in the fifth. They also had issues with the headlights and child seat anchor ease-of-use.

NHTSA has tested all Tesla models, and awarded them all five stars in every category and subcategory, and top marks in collision avoidance technologies. While the scale they publicize is granular, 1/2/3/4/5 stars, they also release their full test data including estimated probability of serious injury for vehicle occupants. Those probabilities are lower for all three Teslas than for any other cars they’ve tested this decade.

Take from that what you will.


Any idea why not? It is an American company, after all…


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