Tesla's charging prototype is a Gigeresque prehensile robotic penis

Then I’d call you Bill Clinton?


Octopi… That hurts my eyes. I prefer the English plural for everything where possible. Octopuses is fine. If you must go all fancy and hit the classics it’s Greek not Latin so octopodes is more the thing.

Just never octopi please. Please.


It looks like somebody needs to go back to the drawing board and decide what they want to accomplish without reference to petrol pumps and extension leads.

The power of the sun in the palm of my hand… also do you have a nectar card?

It’s great they’ve made these a real thing and that they are used for dispensing fuel but when can I get some goddam Dr Octopus arms for my back to carry me around and smash/fix/carry shit?


Add me to the list, please.


Obvious rejoinder:
Or ask a political journalist. Same result.
[edit - or an architect. Either these guys have no insight into what they’re building, or they do and just don’t care.]


They do. They just have different priorities. You can choose to design a building that wins you an award, or design a building that serves its purpose well.

In fact in major cities the object is to cram in the most office space in the available footprint. This is why the balance of power has moved from architects to structural engineers. Buildings like the Shard in London are the equivalent of the 19th century Glasgow tenements or the New York brownstones - the highest density per square metre that the site can be made to take with the technology of the time. The Gherkin (20 St Mary Axe) achieves a very high floor to footprint ratio but also a high floor to wall ratio partly because a circle has the maximum internal surface area for a given circumference. In effect, it is designed down to a price.
So yes, I do know that the penile appearance is actually a result of an awful lot of CAD rather than a desire to decorate the landscape with enormous willies. Had Manhattan not had so much high quality rock so near the surface (it’s visible in places in Central Park) it would look very different.


I’m so disappointed no one has shared this yet.


The airplane tanker boom operator.
Handsomely paid for laying on his stomach and passing gas.


I’m absolutely positive that I don’t fully understand what your text was about, but then again my German is what you might call limited. (Which is slightly more polite than ‘virtually non-existent.’) I speak a limited amount of Spanish, but even there my grasp of non-classroom appropriate language is tenuous, at best, and it would be difficult for me to parse the Spanish equivalent to Lulu or the like.

Anyway, two of my sweeties are of German decent and they can indeed be quite excitable. I’ll just leave it at that.

I’m at a loss. Now, we’ve done promiscuity entenge?
Uh, cuddling in the afterglow?
Uh, multiple partner allusion?
Got it.
Premature ejaculation innuendo?
Gas station jokes?
Been there.
Oh yeah.
Uh, one night stand stuff?
It’s all covered.
Ok, let’s just watch then.
Well, refueling is a beautiful, natural thing that’s nothing to mock.
Ok, you’re right." -

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Oh, god, yes. So much this. Also, viruses, Priuses and Lexuses, dammit.

This could revolutionize hentai.

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