Tesla's new factories burning money, Musk says bankruptcy is a concern, while his Twitter deal is still in the works

Being insulated from the consequences is exactly why none of this ever bites him in the ass, though.


He is an excellent example of how money is the only interesting thing about this guy. Without the money, he’d be another gibbering 4Chan puppet.


Out of curiosity I looked up the official statistics for Germany and last month one percent of newly registered fully electic cars were Teslas.


Accurate observations… I’ll resend that comment. His hubris and lack of planning comes back to bite his companies and his workers in the ass, he himself profits regardless.


300× more liability exposure than the competition!


Do they really, though? Sure seems like it’s a lot of hype without a lot to back it up other than many dead bodies.


Yeah, aren’t a lot of the features they call self-driving in fact driver assist features other car companies have had for a long time but didn’t call self-driving because it would be stupid and dangerous to do so?

ETA: Well would you look at that:

Every so often the [BMW] steering wheel will glow yellow, telling you to place your hands back on the steering wheel. Once you do, the iX will continue to drive itself, allowing you to relax behind the wheel.

the [Ford Mustang] Mach-E’s camera above the steering wheel makes sure your eyes are still on the road. If your eyes begin to drift elsewhere, BlueCruise is disabled until you bring your attention back to the road.

Although you can let go of the steering wheel whenever you want, the vehicle will warn you to put your hands back on the steering wheel, or else it will deactivate. Genesis makes sure to tell drivers to keep their hands on the steering wheel at all times, even in its promotional video on HDA II.

Mercedes has recently beat Tesla to selling level 3 autonomous vehicles to consumers.


trust me, you do not want me driving. I have the reflexes of a bowl of jelly. Would love a self driving car, though.


If you’re relying on fast reactions to save you form accidents you’re driving wrong. Safe driving is about being aware of potential danger and driving cautiously to mitigate risk.


I suppose with a a very patient teacher, and years of practice, I could develop them to be on par with my Moro reflex.

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