Testing the "Show Full Post" button

@Carla_Sinclair , the CNN link in this article is broken and it’s broken the BBS as a result.


This is meta, but not actually about the show full post button.

@codinghorror @sam and @ anyone else whom it concerns;

Is there any way to ‘opt out’ of the automatic continuation of our posts once they hit the comment limit of 5K?

I dig my Meme-versation thread, but I’d prefer to decide for myself if I want to continue another one, once the limit has been reached (which will be soon.)


Not at the moment – if you’d like to decide whether or not to continue with another linked topic after hitting the maximum reply limit, probably best to flag it a little in advance for staff to close it as you see fit.

Flag my own post?

Nah, I’ll figure out another work around on my own.

Thanks for replying.


For clarity, flagging your own post doesn’t have a cost; there is a “do nothing” button specifically for flags which are informational in nature. We built flags expecting people to sometimes flag their own stuff from time to time when they need staff attention.

Or you could PM staff if you prefer; the “something else” flag is essentially a guided staff PM with a bit of window dressing and topic/post context.


Yep, and surprisingly often, folks do in fact flag their own posts for reasons like this.

@codinghorror on-topic to the show full post button, any chance of getting embeds to work ever? It’d be nice for posts with embedded youtube videos, for example, to show up here on the BBS, rather than hoping that @fiddlingfrog in all their awesomeness has noticed the post and linked it in the comments. :slight_smile:


I believe I hold the distinction of being the first user to bring this up to Jeff and Sam.
Jeff was like “yeah, we should really do that” and sam was like “true, but it would require [technical jargon]” and jeff was like “… oh. dang.”

and that was the end of that!


@orenwolf: I don’t know if there’s anything to be done here, but this is a real doozy.