Texas and the Taliban making headlines for terrorizing women

Christ, what an asshole.


So they’re admitting that it was possible to arrest and try rapists all along…who knew?


They’ll probably just redefine rape to be legally so very narrow and specific, that very few people actually do get arrested for it…


according to these fascists, only black or brown persons could be arrested - and if “lucky” enough to survive the arrest and incarceration - tried for the crime of rape of only white women.
not included would be the people most likely to actually sexually assault or abuse (impregnate?) these women: family members, friends of family, dates, boyfriends, husbands or any white man.

this is absolute bullshit and I know you already know this. I thank you in advance for allowing my rant. it does piss me off, too.


And this: (excerpt):

But when the country’s most restrictive abortion ban [went into effect] in Texas on Wednesday, the Dallas [Area Rape Crisis Center] group and other rape crisis centers across the state were immediately forced to limit the support they give to survivors of rape or incest, potentially impacting thousands of victims that both the United Nations and the World Health Organization say should have access to safe and legal abortions.

Centers like the one in Dallas are now proceeding with caution, saying the law puts a target on their backs by opening them up to civil lawsuits if they are suspected of supporting a survivor’s abortion.


Future Abbott: And what do you know! The numbers of reported rapes went down! Hurrah!


Standing and injury/harm. You have to have both to have a legitimate tort suit.

The problem with this law, in addition to the shredding of the constitution (1st amendment twice (freedom of speech, freedom of association), and 14th amendment (due process)), is the use of the wave motion gun on 250 years of tort law.

If this is allowed to stand, expect the floodgates to open on anyone they don’t like (thank you @Nightflyer), and to allow consequence-free civil suits for any reason.

This is truly Taliban level shit: they’ve destroyed 250 years of western legal theory in order to criminalize women or knowing a woman.

IMO, this law is so blatantly unconstitutional, the Supreme Court ceased having any hint of legitimacy the moment the five reactionaries chose not to stay this law. They’re not even pretending anymore.


Which makes it a little perplexing that Thomas hasn’t resigned (and Scalia when they were alive; can you imagine what Thomas Jefferson would have thought of an Italian being on the Supreme Court?).


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