Texas bill outlaws diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in Texas Higher ed

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Such a state law would violate several federal laws, such as Title IX and VII.

For all they talk about being fans of the US Constitution, they certainly act like they’ve never read it.


I was wondering about that; it’s like they are trying to get sued.

Lawyers in this dumb-ass timeline must be freakin’ ecstatic, I swear


The simple fact that this is an actual piece of legislation and not an Onion parody is absolutely fucking terrifying. The place where we are at in this country where something like this can be proposed and passed in a state legislature can only lead to conflict and pain. Of course, there are those who look forward to that outcome with bloodlust. God help us all…


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Get it in front of the most reactionary, pro-fascist, anti-freedom Supreme Court in history, and they hope they can get diversity, equity, and inclusion declared unconstitutional across the nation.


The Texas Legislature Is out of session until January 2023. So Texans & America are safe until then.

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*(2)prohibit the funding, promotion, sponsorship, or support of any office of diversity, equity, and inclusion; and any office that funds, promotes, sponsors, or supports an initiative or formulation of diversity, equity, and inclusion

When you say it out loud… you gotta really hate America to be cool with that.

beyond what is necessary to uphold the equal protection of the laws under the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution;

That is the rub, isn’t it? Who is gauging what is “equal protection” vs what is “beyond”?

Seriously. What happened to the “market place of ideas”? Your ideas are shit and start to be shunned, you pass laws to keep them afloat?


No, no it is not. With this as a model, there will be others who will try to out-MAGA it. As long as MAGA fascists hold control of any branch of government anywhere, America is profoundly not safe.


Dude, that’s like in a month and everyone is about to enter a food coma for 2 weeks…


Hard to say. I would claim modern Republicans don’t have ideas any more. Their entire party platform right now is “Whatever Trump wants”. Doesn’t matter if there is or is not a market if they have nothing to sell.

I would also claim their market share is atrophying, rapidly. Those who used to buy it are dying, and it seems the younger folk are not falling for it. The only way they see to win is to make thinking illegal. And what better tool than Christianity to discourage thought?


So a Texas legislator is grandstanding for a bill that will either not get passed or get shot down in the courts in a heartbeat.

Basically the Texas GOP is saying they are neo-nazi scum in so many words.


I’ve seen quite a few articles poo-pooing that sort of framework on Heritage,FEE and AEI for the last decade or so. The whole idea of ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) subverts this concept.

Instead of Texans proposing a rule unique to Texas, and Arizona, a rule unique to Arizona and so forth, some national pressure group proposes a rule (“a model bill”) which gets adopted word for word, with minimal debate, across entire regions.


That’s a neat trick considering the Texas legislature is not in session, won’t be in session until January 10, and hasn’t been in session since October 19, 2021.

This bill has not been passed it has been filed.
That’s a big difference. This bill has barely gotten started and there is time to stop it.

ETA: as awful as this bill is, it isn’t the worst one introduced yet. It is going to be a fucking awful session in Texas.



Republicans no longer align with western secular values. They align more with middle eastern religious values.

In the link about accreditation I would assume that the accreditation system should prevent universities from teaching superstition, fantasy and religion as if they were real. The accreditation system should be evidence based and if there is no evidence then you shouldn’t be able to teach it as if was real, only as fantasy or a hypothesis. Which is why I believe the Republicans are attempting to break down the accreditation system in order to teach superstition, fantasy and religion as if was real.



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They’re gunning for Missouri, too – or so I’ve heard (spouse and I both work for the University of Missouri).


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Fascism is very much a part of the western tradition. Hitler was German. Mussolini was Italian. Franco was Spanish… ALL European countries, last time I checked. There is also a long history of Protestant support of white supremacy (the KKK was pulling from a very specific protestant tradition of white supremacy and authoritarianism).

Also… what “middle eastern religious values” do you mean specifically - because there is a variety of values across the middle east (and North Africa, since that is often considered as part of the ME - the MENA region), from various kinds of secularism and socialism, to Sunni authoritarianism. Many of the governments do not remotely represent the actual religious and doctrinal diversity found across the region - not to mention the people of OTHER faiths (from Judaism, Christianity, Yazidism, Bahai, Alawite, Druze, Zoroastrians, etc, etc). So what of those collection of values that vary wildly from the most conservative forms of Sunni Islam, do you mean exactly?

Just stop trying to make this the problem of the very people historically oppressed by Western civilization, and focus on fixing the problems in front of us. Islamophobia isn’t particularly helpful here.


I assume you mean Christianity, which after all is a middle eastern religion? The Republican version has changed a lot from the original though.


Maybe it’s just Texan and Russian values?