Texas high schoolers compete in varsity barbecue


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Ok…finally Texas does something I am completely on board with. Good on them for this!!


This is awesome :slight_smile: learning the welding skills is pretty great too as a side thing. The welder at my work made an incredible smoker last month for a charity raffle, that thing was built like a tank and looks great.


It’s been many moons since I graduated from high school, and until 5 minutes ago I had NEVER been jealous of anyone’s varsity letter. That is double plus good!


Carolina’s gonna kick their big Texan ass.


If you like inferior BBQ…

jk, I don’t have any preference on BBQ style as long as its good.


I misread that as, “Texas High School Shooters compete in varsity barbecue”. That idea didn’t seem too outlandish in the current climate.


Sounds like a Modest Proposal my good sir…


The world would be a better place if this replaced football as the premier competition in Texas. Sure, you’d replace concussions with coronaries, but what a way to go!


Completely subjective there. I like a mustard sauce just fine. And I am absolutely sure plenty of others would say Memphis or Kansas City will kick both Carolina and Texas asses.

I personally prefer Texas style BBQ. I like dry rub for seasoning and a light wet sauce for mopping. Give me Mueller’s beef short ribs or Aaron Franklin’s brisket any day of the week. Kreuz market’s sausage is amazing too.

After Texas…I like Kansas City bbq. I love the sweet/spicy/tangy mix in a good sauce.


Made me look up “varsity”, I’ve often heard it on the telly and been vaguely confused.


The commentary would be odd.

“It is the forth course, and the heat is draining out of those coals, can the Austin Basters manage to get those patties to brown?!”


My kids are in a Texas high school and when I looked over their course catalog I was blown away by the options they have. When I was a kid, I could basically choose between Typing or PE, Drama or Visual Arts.

If you’re interested, the catalog is here.


If i had to choose what killed me, between football and BBQ, that’s an easy choice. Bring the burnt ends and brisket…


So…what I am seeing in this document and by your comment is that…gasp…perhaps not all Texas High School is as horrible as those handful of shitty bible thumping backwards schools that get reported make it seem?!?

WHAT?! You mean we only get to see the BAD stuff reported out and it is not actually reflective of the Texas school system as a whole?!


Texas BBQ i like because there’s less frills to distract from the meat. But i love the vinegary taste of Kansas style quite a bit. The one thing i don’t see much in Texas is barbecued tri-tip, which is a favorite cut of mine but i guess its more of a west coast thing.


Oh you can get that in the Noertheast too. Specifically at my house!!!

And I use a sweet and spicy Kansas City style sauce. Just enough heat to make your lips burn.


I’m hearing an invitation…


Can’t spell “team” without “meat”.



Oh . . . Oh no. You’re not one of those people who think cooking out = BBQ are you?

This is the 12 hour smoking process of solid racks of meat. A pitmaster is on par with a dedicated executive chef or brewery 's brew master, and can pull down a solid living.