Texas man so stoned he mistakes dog bite for gun shot, calls the cops


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Mcgruff must be back on the job.


That must have been some seriously potent shit he was smoking…



In his defense, this is just the Texas version of Occam’s Razor - faced with a sudden injury, go with the most probable explanation.


You see? Smoking mari-ju-ana causes dog bites and gunshot wounds! Won’t somebody think of the children?


I’m pretty sure I would let myself bleed to death before I’d call the police while high.


Life goal.


I wouldn’t. But I live in a half-civilized state where possessing weed and being high isn’t against the law.


Capital-M marijuana is the most dangerous kind.


The scariest thing is that he lives in a place where getting shot is the most probable explanation for any pain.


That or bitten by rattlesnakes or spiders.


Texas is a stupid state.

There, I said it.



I want what he’s on.


Just East of Waco

Should be a warning to all that abide.


If it’s like most small town depts… every cop on duty went to that call (that could) because it was the most exciting thing that’d happened all week.

Never forget doing laundry in Yreka CA (before leaving) and seeing a small fender bender… only to have 4 cops show up including the chief.



Loud noise, sudden unexpected flesh wound and a little intoxication make this story a lot less strange to me than the literal ten plus stories I’ve read this year alone about people getting shot and not knowing it.

I suspect that he had a moment of panic and he called 911 very quickly, and then he realized too late that he’d been incorrect but he still had to talk to the cop.


Another instructive example for our young people of the lax morals and anguish that comes with…
rover madness!!!


The cops had to nip it in the bud!