Texas mayor to power outage residents: the city "owes you NOTHING!" He then resigns from backlash

I don’t know if this is real, but from my limited experience with survivalists (enough to know that I will be among the first to die) it is believable.


I love his mind’s ability to warp time

“* I ask that you each understand I never meant to speak for the city of Colorado City or Mitchell county! I was speaking as a citizen as I am NOT THE MAYOR anymore.*”

So post abhorrent crap as mayor. Resign as mayor. Then claim it was spoken as not the mayor.

The cognitive dissonance Is strong with this one.




I was speaking as a citizen as I am NOT THE MAYOR anymore.


first post made while mayor
resigns before second post
second post claims first post was as citizen bc not mayor anymore

Time sure is a funny thing.


Funny and disturbing all at once. I completely believe it’s real. If this is the quality of those who’ll survive a real catastrophe, the dead will be lucky.


“The anger and harassment you have caused my wife and family is so undeserved…”



o_0 I mean, I only own a manual can opener. You can get them at Walmart for like $3.


Linda sound like this conservative asshole good old boy had himself a nervous breakdown.

Well, but yeah, but if you had already been a fully independent off the grid, libertarian hero, you wouldn’t need to pay to get a hand out of electricity and water, you mooch! Only socialist pay private corporations for goods and services! Real men grab electricity out of the sky and squeeze water out of stones! /s

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Sink or swim it’s your choice!

I think this is another example of how it isn’t stupidity with these people, or selfishness, or laziness. They laud the “only the strong survive” system and they truly want the weak to perish.

“But her to have to get fired from her job over things I said out of context is so horrible. I admit, there are things that are said all the time that I don’t agree with; but I would never harass you or your family to the point that they would lose there livelihood such as a form of income.”

Crapping on the suffering public when you are a public servant is not fit behavior in evolutionary terms. It could be perceived as making one too “weak” intellectually to survive. Sink or swim, buddy, it’s your choice. :man_shrugging:


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" It could be perceived as making one too “weak” intellectually to survive. Sink or swim, buddy, it’s your choice"

Yep. Humans are a social species and they tend to lose patience quickly when other humans are anti-social enough.


This is gold. I also don’t doubt any of it.
Some nut I went to HS with used to share posts from preppers on FB (I long ago blocked him) and the pics made me laugh.
These yokels would be all proud of themselves for having 1000 (literally) jars of preserved food all lined up on shelves. Forget the fact that if you keep anything home canned for more than a year, you’re tempting fate. The best part is they’d be sitting there unprotected on open shelving right up to the edge. Not in boxes or with secured racks.
When Y2K was coming upon us, I worked with a guy who was paranoid about the impending collapse of society so he stocked up on canned goods.
When the day came and went, he said he was going to return it all to the store (he didn’t buy that much, really) and I said, why don’t you just eat it.
He said, “I don’t want to eat all this nasty shit (listing out what he had) it’s gross”.
Me - so, you bought a bunch of stuff to ride out the apocalypse made up of things you hate? Good plan.


Step 1) Stock up on lots of canned food.
Step 2) Now who brought the can opener? Can opener? Hello?
Step 3) Weep bitterly while bashing can with rock.

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I actually am one of those prepper types. Well, prepped for short to medium term disaster, anyway. Not necessarily for restarting civilization, but your garden variety derecho, ice storm or tornado is an inconvenience more than a threat. But I have seen people like this. Guns and ammo out the wazzoo, but figured cooking was wimmin’s work or some such. Ammo needs serious tenderizing before consumption, so I am told!


Dude sounds like a Sith Lord. I think Darth Bane said

“Only the strong will survive. The weak and the downtrodden must suffer and perish. This is the way of the dark side”


I thought that humans collected in cities and towns to share the work and help each other out, each doing their specialty. Rugged individualists who don’t need electricity also don’t need a mayor.
Just sayin’.


Christ, what an asshole!


and of course the fittest and the strongest may simply be those who get the mayor fired most rapidly


Don’t you get it, man? What’s all this “we live in a civilization” nonsense you’re spouting? You were a FOOL to trust the power company- you think just because you entered into some sort of “legally binding agreement” they OWE you something? If you want your precious electricity, go over there and threaten their families! Only the strong survive in the post-apocalyptic Mad Max wasteland of Texas!


Yeah, a rugged individual like that should be out in the wilderness, carving his underpants from a tree.