Texas police tell little girl she is in "big trouble" for buying school meal with $2 bill





I think that this one requires that jazzed-up version that @Melizmatic used once…

I blame all the folks who never spend their $2 bills – I probably still have a few dozen back home at my mom’s that I received as a kid.


Reminder: this is the denomination that Donald Trump thinks Harriet Tubman should be put on instead of the $20. I guess it’s somehow fitting that it was used to disenfranchise a young girl of color.


If I see them in the tray at the store or if I get cash from the credit union (well where I actually interact with a teller anyway) I always ask for some. It is fun to use them for the odd cup of coffee or snack.


I’ve updated the list.


But the $2 bill was real, of course. There aren’t very many of them—the government doesn’t issue them, anymore—but $2s are out there. They constitute perfectly legal tender.

There are only 1.1 billion two dollar bills.

Only slightly rarer than a $50.



Look at the plus side: the kid gets to stalk him, a la Better off Dead, shouting “Two dollars! I want my two dollars!”


And…as this fine tale illustrates…they are also great tools for evaluating the public sector. I’d like to think that this phenomenon is limited to police ossifers in the Lone Star State. But I know better.


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I am also grateful that @M_Dub updates his list.


Not a single adult who participated in or observed her persecution had either the knowledge or the moral courage to advocate on her behalf?

The entire office staff that was on duty at that time needs to be dismissed.


Of course the cop is going to pretend he doesn’t know what these are…about the only reason they stay in existence are for strip clubs.

From what I understand.


Back in the early '90s California changed its drivers license to
implement new anti-counterfeiting measures. Unfortunately, it was also
readily apparent that they were printed on an inkjet printer and had
very blocky text. I knew a few folks who were threatened with arrest for
"obviously fake" IDs.


So you are saying that $2 bills are covered in stripper sweat? Asking for a friend.


That’s the mind-blowing thing to me.

The cashier had never heard of a two-dollar bill.
The administration had never heard of a two-dollar bill.
The cop had never heard of a two-dollar bill.

And none were even open to the idea that such a thing could exist, even though forging a bill of that quality would obviously cost more than two dollars and would be well beyond the means of most 13-year-olds.

Surely at least one of those accusatory ignoramuses could have pulled out a smartphone and did a quick search to confirm whether the denomination existed?


Has she a North Korean family background?


I also have a small collection of two dollar bills.

And yes, this foolishness really does merit the usage of that ‘extreme face-desk’ gif again:


You’re telling me that the school - the place where kids get GOD DAMN EDUCATED didn’t know that a $2 bill was legal tender?

They shouldn’t just be fired for being inhuman monster assholes to an innocent child, they should be canned for being completely bad at their fucking jobs.



And none stopped to think that if one were able to counterfeit bills, one would hardly counterfeit a bill that doesn’t exist.