Texas' school take-over turns libraries into detention centers

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I’m sure political re-education centres are part of this fascist’s future plans for libraries.


DH and I are going to Texas for the 2024 total solar eclipse. This just cut 2 days off our trip; if TX keeps on fucking about, we’re going to go for the eclipse and come directly home, instead of visiting any other locations afterward.


At least for textbooks, it seems so goes Texas, so goes the nation. So will this s dystopian hellscape be exported beyond Texas’ border?


Whatever pernicious else the christofascists attempt with public schools one should keep in mind that the ultimate goal there is to privatize, that is end, public education. It’s the “keep 'em stupid”, part of the republican motto “keep 'em scared, keep 'em poor, keep 'em stupid”. Also their little monsters get sent to private school, so they think: “how dare my tax money go to educating the lower classes!?” -sigh-


How do you feel about Cleveland, Ohio instead?


Until my mom moved to AZ and sold ye Olde Homestead last year, we might have considered it. As it is, there is traditionally a big lake effect snowstorm in the first 2 weeks of April, so chances of seeing the eclipse there are not good.


Probably not north or east of West Virginia, , but then you got Maine, the wild-card.

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I’ll be viewing it here and our library policies are actually good, but it is hard to recommend the city in spring for viewing anything in the sky. We don’t have a lot of clear days that time of year Cleveland Spring Weather, Average Temperature (Ohio, United States) - Weather Spark , but if there are clouds both the city and county library are well respected. 2021 Star Libraries By the Numbers | LJ Index 2021 | Library Journal


If we let the Republicans win in 2024, then yes. That is on their agenda.

How about we don’t let that happen.


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