Texas sheriff charged with destroying footage of officers killing black suspect

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Another case where murderers and people enabling murders are either not charged at all for their crimes, or they are convicted on lesser charges with lighter penalties. It’s going to take a lot of years to reform the systems we have now and create ones that prevent the cover-ups and corruption that lead to these levels of injustice. :angry:


“Cops” added a few bits to cop’s speech:
“Stop resisting.”
“In your car, are there any illegal drugs?”
“In your car, are there any weapons, any guns, knives, hand grenades, bazookas?”
When stopped in your car, and there’s a legal, registered firearm in the center console, how do you mention it to the cop? Do you carry an extra sample of medicines lawfully prescribed for you, in an unmarked container? If you’re White, there’s likely no problem. If you’re Black, you can be killed. Fuck the po-leece.


For those not familiar, Austin is in Travis county. It’s blue. Round Rock is in Williamson county. It’s so conservative its peak emissions are in the infrared. Williamson is the county north of Travis.


“Deputies began pursuing Ambler for allegedly failing to dim his headlights to oncoming traffic.”

Javier Ambler might have been driving with his high beams on, and was killed.
Sherriff’s deputies killed a person and didn’t lose their jobs. A sherriff covered up the evidence and so far has faced no consequence.

And they say we live in a country with equal rights.


There is no good way, from what I can tell. @CaillouSexyThing already posted my first thought - the story of Philandro Castile.


ACAB, 1312, ad infinitum.

Honestly, I don’t even know if anyone is even bothering to adhere to that, anymore. Much easier to classify people as sub human thugs and be done with them.


It’s a shame that destroying the footage is what he’s being charged with.


“I choose to remain silent, and I do not consent to any searches”


That’s not the only thing they did related to that show.

In particular, there was a SWAT raid on a house that was broadcast live, but the guy they were after was in court earlier that day. You would not be alone in thinking that they deliberately let him go so that they could take him down later on TV.



I’m fascinated by how the phrase “politically motivated” is still seen as somehow invalidating.

I mean, Joe Biden is “politically motivated” to show what an insanely poor choice Donald Trump was (and is) for U.S. President. At worst, that’s just a matter of being competitive. Once upon a time, Capitalists used to pretend that they thought competition was awesome.

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It must have been really bad if the footage just “didn’t tell the whole story” and occur when officer Hero Cop was “in fear of his life” from a “thug”.

There’s plenty of stuff that’s racist abuse of power that would be getting shoved into paid commercial slots by a Texas sheriff; so if he thought that the risk of the coverup was worse than the risk of not covering up it must have been quite something indeed.

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It’s extra weird when you are saying something is “politically motivated” because it is occurring near an election.

Y’know, those political processes we specifically use to select or reject people for certain jobs based on the public’s belief about their actions, capacity, and past behavior?

It’s a conception that basically divides everything into “politically motivated” and “too distant from politics to be relevant”, then dismisses the relevance of the former category. Very convenient if you want to maintain impunity; but absurdly useless from any vaguely intellectually honest perspective.

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