Texas State Fair evacuated after shooting

This was a an event just like sheep shearing or cow roping right?

I mean it’s Texas.


that does not read “attendees with concealed carry licenses are allowed to do so on fair grounds” ( which would still be, frankly, insane; and no that’s not allowed in all states ) - it says anyone with a handgun license can carry concealed. that’s because texas no longer even has carry restrictions concealed or otherwise.

it is harmful to have such few gun restrictions, and texas likes to show us why without ever them ( or us, apparently ) ever learning a single thing from those experiences


Excellent example.

And as someone who likes making silly parody songs, disappointed one couldn’t come up with a verse or two vs resorting to badly written AI. :confused:


Only in Texas. Wait, no.

Slightly more likely in Texas, but could happen anywhere at any time in the USA for any reason (or lack thereof). And most definitely will, over and over and over and over and over…


Ohhhhh good ol Merrica, where you can open carry guns to a State Fair, because who knows, you can find a wild boar or moose next to the ferris wheel or the cotton candy booth. But these woke communists are always wanting to rip us of our right to solve our differences at a gunpoint!


Oh yeah, happened in Oklahoma a couple weeks ago too at their state fair. Soo… yeah, I’m just going to assume it’s going to be yearly from here on out.

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