Texas's speed limit in 1940 was 45 mph

In know Wales is rather limited in size, but at 20mph it would be just about as fast to reinvigorate the stagecoach.

From what I’ve read, the main effect of making roads 20 rather than 30 is to reduce average speeds from over 30 to about 27, which is an improvement but doesn’t support the idea that it’s going to damage industry because any industry which depends on constantly breaking the law shouldn’t be in business to start with.

But then this is the UK.


Amazon and all delivery fast-food should be looking over their shoulder then.

And votes is votes.

for some reason people prefer a warming planet over horse manure in the streets. it’s always been difficult to figure out why.

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All of that pesticide free fertilizer, there for the taking!


I wonder what the cut of was for “heavy trucks”, and if a modern pickup truck would be over that limit.

(Bristol has had a 20mph limit on most roads for years now, and honestly it’s not changed much, there was very few times of the day when you could hit 30mph on most roads anyway)

That’s nothing, in 1900 there was no speed limit!


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