Text of ECJ decision on revoking Article 50 withdrawal


TL:DR - We agree with the Advocate General, countries can unilaterally withdraw their Article 50 withdrawal notice


Now you just need to get your politicians on board. And the public.

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Not going to happen.

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My impression too. Pity, you had a nice country there for a while.

Nautic metaphor? How fitting.

I’m mildly curious if this is going to put UK domestic politics in even more of an disarray. Since the Brexit vote, one cannot tell any longer if the general public as well as politics in the UK are connected to reality, so probably not.

I don’t think that’s actually possible.

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Before this ruling it looked like the two realistic outcomes were the May Deal, or No Deal. (Either of these could have developed into “and then we reapply, but have to join the Euro and Schengen, and no rebate etc.”)

If those were the two options, then the May Deal would get voted down tomorrow, there’d be some amendments that don’t really change anything, and it’d eventually pass. Or we’d run out of time, and go No Deal.

Now it looks like there’s 3 long-term outcomes, with a bunch of routes to them. Only the Government, and Tories who really want to be in Government, are going to vote for the May Deal tomorrow. Then there’ll be a tug-of-war between Remainers who want to revoke Art. 50, and Leavers, who’ll end up supporting the May Deal or No Deal, depending on how much they hate the EU.

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It seems there won’t be a vote tomorrow, as of 12:20h GMT today, 10th of Dec.

I say, I did say I was mildly curious, did I?

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Michael Gove said the vote was definitely, 100%, going ahead.

So it’s definitely off.


Another opinion poll has come out with a majority for remaining in the EU.

Admittedly it’s only 52 per cent, not enough to represent the decisive will of the people. /s


Oh, is pulling a Gove a thing?

Germany has had a “has my fullest confidence” a while ago, but the term merkeln didn’t come to mean the clear indication of a firing by assuring fullest confidence, sadly. Instead it came to mean something like surviving a crisis by calm moderation of arguing parties while quietly but friendly kneecapping your opponents.

Anyway, the UK is in for a wild ride to continue.
I’m not even sure that the vote would be no if parliament voted tomorrow. Because, with the UK being the UK, no-one can be sure of anything anymore.
Except, perhaps, that there will be no vote if Gove says there’s going to be one?


Hear, hear.
(As one says if no-one is actually listening but everyone feels their believes confirmed)

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It has at least been an interesting opportunity to see political messaging/propaganda in action.

Any pro-Brexit person interviewed will always refer to the referendum as ‘the expressed will of the people’ which ‘must be respected’ and say that “over 17 million people voted to leave”.

Sounds so much more decisive than 51.89%.


Well, you can’t actually be 100% sure because you can’t even rely on Gove for that… but in this case, it’s true.


The 1975 referendum was 67% in favor of the union. Wasn’t that the expressed will of the people? The insistence by leavers that the Cameron referendum is somehow less overturnable than the Wilson referendum is ridiculous.


Been watching the circus in Westminster for the last hour or so.

What the fuck, Britain?

Honestly, I’ve lost confidence in you. This from the Guardians live blog:

British politics has finally cut all links with normality and drifted off into absurdity. In the Commons a moment ago Labour’s Rupa Huq described the decision to call off the vote as an act of “premature parliamentary ejaculation”. In response, Theresa May said that, if Huq were to look carefully, she would see that May is not capable of premature ejaculation.

God knows what they make of this nonsense in Brussels …

A couple hours north of Brussels I make nothing good of this.


67% is quite a bit more than 52%.

I’m fairly sure everyone in Brussels already knows that the current UK govt is a bunch of idiots with only the tiniest connection to reality.

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Honestly, now I’m worried that we have to readmit this batshit crazy UK, without any conditions. Nothing good can come from this.

I was born and live in Britain and I want nothing to do with it anymore

I am running though all the possible scenarios in my head, Dr Strange style, and the only way I can see a good outcome is if every Brexiter drops dead from natural causes tomorrow, leaving the rest of us to sort out their mess.

We are completely fucked, and all I can hope is that it is not contagious.